This Is Us: Real, Love, Life

Several weeks ago, I blogged about a new NBC sitcom Television series my house mates and I decided to start watching. I explained how I was unsure how we would like it as it was the premier of the first episode to the original season of the show, to say the least, we now watch This Is Us every tuesday night.


Every episode, I am so amazed at how they are able to completely surprise me at the end. How they are able to take all the minute details and different characters who appear to be completely random, yet at the end of each episode, all of the loose ends are stitched together. As you can see in the image above, the main characters are separated into three different sections. At the beginning, it was unclear how the different sections relate and we were all under the impression that the show was going to be a show with three different subplots but this was definitely not the case. The two people in the middle section are actually fraternal twins, the african-american male in the third section is their adopted brother with his wife and the first section are the the parents of the three kids.


Still from This Is Us: Season 1 Episode 1

Not only is the dynamic of the show unique and interesting, but the issues they bring to the surface are extremely relevant and valuable.  They address issues of marriage, race and discrimination, and body shaming/insecurities. Each subplot is always connected at the end or occasionally they will add a flashback of the parents raising the kids in the 70’s that prefaces the themes and lessons of the show.

In case I have convinced anyone to begin watching the show, I will not reveal anymore about the dynamic of the show as I think it is the most interesting and surprising aspect of the construction of the show. I can honestly say my decision to watch this show was completely by chance and this genre is not my typical genre of television show. But I have already learned so much from the show and after watching it I am always in the best mood and immediately wanting to begin another episode. Did I mention, it’s hilarious?


Kendall Fischlein

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2 Responses to This Is Us: Real, Love, Life

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve never seen this show before but I have noticed several advertisements promoting it while I’m watching other shows. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the show but I agree that for me also it doesn’t seem like a show I would typically watch. However from your post the show does seem like it has a very interesting dynamic so I’m sure I’ll start watching it soon. – Katie Thevenow

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I have always been curious about this show but never took the time out to watch. I’m surprised to see that you said it’s hilarious because I just assumed it was a very dramatic series. But I do love how shows connect what are thought to be random storylines into a cohesive picture by the conclusion. I love it because shows like this have the ability to really grab ahold of the audience and keep them hanging on to every word until the very end. It truly does make for great television. -Courtney Green

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