“Designated Survivor” Should Not Survive for a Season Two


I may find myself in the minority here, but so far the show Designated Survivor has been downright bad in my opinion. I think that the idea of the show is really cool and upon hearing the premise of the plot I was instantly interested. Additionally, after watching the first 10 minutes of the pilot episode, I was screaming downstairs to my roommate to tell him how awesome the show was. Since then however, my opinion of the show has taken a complete 180.

I think that if the show found better writers’ producers and kept the same plot, the show would be ten times better. I think that the show could honestly even keep the EXACT SAME storyline, literally having the exact same things happen as they already have and still be successful if they found new writers to write for them. I think that the storyline is interesting and fun and creative, but I think that the writing is extremely poor. In all my time of watching television, I honestly dont know if I have ever watched a show with more corny lines than Designated Survivor. The things that the characters in the show say are always predictable and never funny or successful. From episode to episode, I have found myself able to predict the line that characters say before they say it all the time, literally word for word. In that regard, I think the writers are super uncreative as if you have ever watched television, you have the ability to predict the lines within this show because they are exactly what you would expect from past experience watching television and movies. I also find myself cringing in akwardness as the characters are constantly saying things that are just straight up corny or cheesy.

Overall, it is a shame that the show is as bad as it is because it has so much potential to be better. I still watch it from week to week and the storyline itself still has me interested in finding out what happens, but it has been several weeks since I last watched without complaining to whoever I was watching with about how bad the writing is. I would be interested in seeing who writes for this show and what shows they have written for in the past because I cant imagine that this group of writers is experienced in the industry give their seemingly non existent ingenuity and creativeness. The following article which calls the show’s dialogue “flat, straightfoward and square” is about as accurate as it gets when describing the show: http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/its-two-steps-forward-one-step-back-designated-sur-243315


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