Sex and the City: Still Worth Watching

In our discussion of the 90s, more specifically Sex and the City, Sharon Ross mentioned how the show is not one that she considers a “must-see.” Although I understand how the show may attract a certain demographic (females) by centering on female friendships, experiences, and activities I argue that these elements are what makes the show a must-see.


I can watch Sex and the City at any point of the day and at any mood. The outfits, language, and NYC culture are elements that continually entice me to watch another episode.  Watching any  Sex and the City episode, like “Drought” or “The Turtle and the Hare,” allows you to see how NYC culture has changed throughout the years and how people communicated beyond their cellphones.


In comparison to a show like Gossip Girl, which takes place in NYC, Sex and the City reflects a less technological time period. Cellphones, smartphones, apps, and iPads do not distract from the relationships and experiences within the series and it is beneficial to see how life was back then.


Whether you are a man or woman watching at least one episode of Sex and the City offers insight on a type of culture we’ll never experience again. Listening to the conversations between the girls and the type of language used greatly contrasts the interactions and conversation seen in present day media.


Nowadays, technology essentially makes communication possible between the characters; it is interesting to compare Sex and the City with a show like Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl. In these shows the best friends rely on technology to communicate where slang comes in the form of an SMS or email.



Sex and the City has not “outlived its value” as mentioned by Sharon Ross since it provides an entertaining lens on 90s culture and a sense of female relationships and conversations.

– Ziba Klein

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