Jane the Virgin?? | Laya Mohan


Okay so if you have been following any of the insanely beautiful actors tweets, you know that our beloved Jane has crumpled her flower. That’s right Jane the Virgin, is no longer a virgin. For those of you have no idea about the show but are reading this anyway, Jane is a young women who was accidentally artificially inseminated during a doctors appointment and becomes pregnant. The catch, she has never had sex.


Now, we have all scene TV shows where the characters have sex, but there is a huge difference in how Jane the Virgin describes and portrays it than other shows. In most TV shows, sex between two characters is always perfect. The show never talks about any common problems and they always seem to have the perfect place all set up at any time of day. Jane had sex for the first time after marrying Michael (not her baby daddy) in their new home, which seems ideal, but the difference is that Jane faked her enjoyment because she did not like it. TV shows do not usually talk about this.

This goes to show how topics that were once considered taboo, such as sex and women enjoying sex, are now mainstream. Before, you could not even say the word ‘pregnant’ on TV and now, we have characters sharing intimate details. This demonstrates the ever evolving culture that is American TV

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2 Responses to Jane the Virgin?? | Laya Mohan

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I really like that you talk about this idea of a once taboo topics now becoming mainstream. Of course, we’ve all seen a TV show or movie that portrays sex, but you are right – everything always seems so perfect. I really appreciate the fact that a show, especially one with a woman in the lead role, talks intimately and honestly about her experience. It is curious still though that although she portrays her honest opinion to us as the audience, that she doesn’t to her partner. I wonder if this, though progressive in portraying real feelings to the audience, still merits some discussion on why she feels the need to lie about her experience being pleasurable.
    I also wonder that if the main character were a guy, would this happen? Would he, too, describe his experience as subpar? Would he pretend to enjoy it? Or would this not even be an issue?
    -Nicolette McCann

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I tried to watch this show, but I just couldn’t get into it. It felt like Jane was portrayed almost too naively and childlike, and I couldn’t find myself rooting for her. Plus, I just got bad vibes in general from her boyfriend. I think it’s great that television seems to be moving in a direction in which sex is discussed/presented more progressively, but I’m not sure that Jane the Virgin really stands up to the challenge. Have you seen the episode where her mother has an abortion? I think that episode in particular warrants some critical analysis, and it might be good to look into if you enjoy the show.

    -Callie Sartain

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