The Girls of Shonda Rhimes- Ally Harper

Many people come on here and talk about women in television. Even outside of our class, critics note that there is not many female leads. In addition, there are BARELY any female black leads on television. Who breaks this norm? Well God herself. Oh wait, I meant to say Shonda Rhimes (AKA the Female God of Television).

One of the most popular television shows on television is “How To Get Away With Murder,” which showcases a black woman in a relationship with a white man. Not only do we see an interracial relationship but the Analise Keeting, a criminal defense lawyer, played by Viola Davis, is also a powerful and intimidating black woman at the top of her field.  Furthermore, her character defies the stereotypes of not only woman on television but lawyers in real life. The field is mainly dominated by white wealthy men, but Keeting herself is a strong independent (after the death of her husband of course) who is the best.

But Shonda Rhimes does not just stop there. No she is not just an amazing female producer (another field that is dominated by men), but she DOMINATES Thursday nights. You will find it hard for anyone who is an avid television watcher to not know what TGIT is. Or for those who are not die hard Shondaland (yes she has indeed a club named after her) fans, Thank God its Thursday.

Now why do you ask we are Thanking God (or Shonda who I like to believe is like my second God) its Thursday. Well because it is the powerhouse of all nights on television. It starts with Grey’s Anatomy at 8 with the wonderful, sassy, and powerful general attending Miranda Bailey, then at 9 its Scandal (which is my favorite for anyone wondering) with the ever amazing Olivia Pope political fixer, and at 10 its of course How to Get Away with Murder with Analise Keeting.

Lets all take a minute and bath in that wonderful lineup. I mean I don’t leave the couch for 3 hours. Every one of those shows has become a cult classic for me. I dont think I can remember a Thursday in about 10 years that  I have missed Grey’s Anatomy or havn’t watched it in the early mornings of Friday (I am not kidding).

So my question to you is WHY?

Why is Shonda the only producer that is a powerhouse (well of course other than the fact that she is amazing) Why is this not a norm on television?

P.S. I am not held responsible for the excessive use of parenthesis in this blog.


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