Do Sitcoms Lack Variety? | Courtney Green

I remember a previous blog post in which a student wrote about television shows and sitcoms that were centered around a group of friends like acted more like family. Shows such as One Tree Hill and obviously, Friends. I remembered thinking that shows use to have more variety in the situations that they would portray. It seems as though today television networks aren’t even attempting to hide the fact that their shows lack a creative plot line. I recently came across an article that discussed how CBS features nearly identical sitcoms on the same night.


CBS’s “Man With a Plan” and “Kevin Can Wait” both focus around middle-aged men who, almost over night, become stay-at-home-dads. Although I have never seen an episode of either show it does not seem hard to visualize the corny comedy that the shows are built around. Not that there is anything wrong with cheesy television shows, I’m sure everyone has a guilty pleasure, that is not the issue.

I just think that television networks need to try harder to create worthwhile content. Not simply settle for what they know will ultimately be a no-brainer to produce high ratings. Maybe I am being naive but I feel as though as some point creatives need to challenge themselves and deliver their audiences a storyline that is unique but also hilarious. I really don’t think that is too much to ask.

Sometimes I find myself needing to feel a sense of excitement when it comes to sitcoms that I haven’t felt in a long time.I realize that it is extremely difficult to get a show to stick in this time where people are hard to please and have a very short attention span (guilty). But I know it is not impossible, I really just think at the end of the day the networks are getting in the way of what could be magic in order to fill their pockets.


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