I Love Lucy Furniture Episode- Ally Harper

So today in my film class we watched the I Love Lucy furniture episode and I loved it. Not surprising considering I LOVE Lucy. However, it did give me more insight for my final paper as well as asserted my own beliefs about the show. Lucy Ricardo is truly trying to escape the domestic sphere physically and mentally. She does everything she can to escape the life that is set on her because she is a woman.

In the episode, Lucy wants a new couch and Ricky won’t let her buy it because they can’t afford it. She goes behind his back anyway and then tries to comically hide the furniture in the kitchen from him when she realizes how mad he will be! And I was laughing so hard when they were having dinner and Ricky was asking for salt, butter, and a knife and Lucy had to go through Ethelle’s apartment to reach the kitchen due to the furniture blocking the door. For those who have no idea what I am talking about watch this episode! Its a good one!

I will definitely feature this into my paper as it plays into the fact that Lucy is scared of her husband’s disapproval. In addition, Ricky makes her cut down on spending/consumption and criticizes all of her shopping. She struggles to do this because it is her life as a housewife to always have good hair and to be dressed appropriately. I was horrified at her inability to stop consuming and his judgment. Her attempts at not spending money prove a failure and in the end Ricky allows her to spend more because that is what women do. Lets just think about that for a while. That is what women do….

I Love Lucy “Lucy Wants New Furniture” 2.28.


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