The Affair

As the new and third season began on Monday, I cannot help but write about one of the most compelling shows I have watched. The Affair put shortly, if you have not seen it before, is about two couples that have many hardships and difficulties within their marriage. Long story short (but in a way that does not give away the whole plot for those who may be interested in watching) Allyson and Noah met at a restaurant where she works and they end up bumping into each other later that night. After more and more meetings the two end up having an affair, meanwhile their families have no idea. Noah is an exceptional writer. He writes a novel about his and Allyson’s love affair. Once the book is published the two families end up putting the mysterious relationship together, which is how their affair is revealed. MUCH more drama occurs outside of the affair, however I will leave that up to you all to watch and find out for yourself. But overall, the show is exceptional. It is told from a single point of view and it switches off between different characters stories.

Morally I believe cheating is non-excusable and wrong, yet I find myself intrigued by this show. I think that goes to show how compelling and convincing that shows often are. For example, Noah and Allyson should both be unlikable characters. Why wouldn’t they? They broke their marriage and their family apart. Yet, I find myself siding with them because their love story seems so pure and real and I almost wish they would end up together, in a way. Therefore I definitely think the way that characters are perceived and how the story line is produced and executed can truly affect and even change the way you think.



Still from The Affair. Image from [].


Lauren Duca on more information and opinions regarding The Affair.

–Jenna Romano (Blog Post #7)

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2 Responses to The Affair

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I was also intrigued by this show and I like how it played on the “guilty pleasure” sentiments that everyone feels at some point. I also found this show interesting since the main male character was also from The Wire, it was funny to see him in a role like this!

    Stephanie Rubin

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I think you may such a good point about the writing of shows being able to shape the way you view characters. I have never watched this particular show, but I have seen similar shows in which the characters perform morally wrong behavior and behavior that I do not agree with, but I end up siding with them or wanting them to win anyways. I think it really shows that our feelings are so closely tied to people and not just their actions. It is amazing the writers can execute this feeling through shows.
    Nicolette McCann

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