Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Valerie Medoff


Earlier this semester, I wrote a blog post about my anticipation of the Gilmore Girls revival and this week I was finally able to watch the much anticipated episodes. My family and I sat down for several hours on the day after Thanksgiving to binge watch all four of the episodes.

I always feel like the stakes are high when a beloved television show or movie is revived. All of the die hard fans have had 9 years to imagine how Lorelai and Rory ended up and there’s always the gamble with watching a revival that it won’t live up to the hype or the endings that you’ve fashioned in your own mind. Will Luke and Lorelai finally figure it out? Will Rory achieve all of her career goals?

Watching a revival is almost like realizing your parents are people and not just your parents. The future you’ve planned for these characters might be smashed to bits in a matter of hours. There’s also the fear that it could change your whole opinion of the series.

Overall, I was satisfied with the revival. Most of the characters ended up how I imagined they would. Yet, I couldn’t help feeling over the course of the episodes that precious time was wasted. It felt like 25 minutes was wasted on Stars Hollow the Musical; this was precious time that could have been spent on Luke and Lorelai. But of course, no show is without faults.

I would recommend that any Gilmore Girls fan watch the revival. It’s always nice to return to a fictional place you once called home, even if it isn’t perfect. It was very hard for me to leave out any spoilers in this post, but I figured it was only fair to do so. Happy viewing!

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2 Responses to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life | Valerie Medoff

  1. mediaphiles says:

    HA! I wrote on this too… how could you not! I do agree that they did seem to waste some time during the hour of the “Winter” episode that I watched. However, I have overall adored seeing all of my favorite characters return to Stars Hollow. Thank you for not spoiling any of it for me!

    Stephanie Rubin

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I only watched the first few minutes of the Winter episode, and even in the beginning I felt that they were taking their own sweet time introducing all the characters and I wanted the actual story to start. Also thanks for not spoiling the rest because I do plan on watching it.
    Laya Mohan

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