The Deeper Message in Zootopia

Zootopia, a 2016 Walt Disney animated film, quickly became one of my favorite films. For those who have yet to see the movie, I encourage you to do so! Here is some background information: The movie focuses on the life of a small rabbit named Judy Hopps and her dreams in becoming the first rabbit to join the police force. Judy works hard to be part of the police force and leave her small little town to go work in the large city of Zootopia, a metropolis for all animals. In hopes to prove herself as a worthy police, Judy works endlessly in solving one of the hardest and most mysterious case the police force has yet to face. To do so, she must work and befriend a sneaky fox who makes her task even more challenging until they become close friends and solve the case.

Throughout the movie, we see many stereotypes being placed on many of the animals which truly reflects our society and the way we view one another. The writers are able to make a clever and funny way in showing that these stereotypes may not always be true and  can ultimately hurt the other person, or in this case animal. This leads to a lot of discrimination from authority figures that then created an increase conflict in the animal kingdom. We also see the value in friendship. For example, the way in which Judy was first hesitant to trust and become friends with the Fox but with time she was able to see past the negative stereotypes that society had placed on all foxes. With this, she realized that there was much more to him than that which allowed them to become so close and be such great friends. I think the movie is full of great messages which is why the film is great for all ages. Of course, there are many more than the ones I mentioned but those are the ones that truly stood out to me. I can honestly say this may have been one of the best movies of the year.


Check out this New York Times article on the film: Click here!


Alexandra Peralta (Nov 27, 2016)



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3 Responses to The Deeper Message in Zootopia

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love this blog post as I love the movie Zootopia as well. I think placing our modern day stereotypes and realities of society on animals is absolutely brilliant, and something that both unknowing kids and educated adults can both enjoy.

    Stephanie Rubin

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I haven’t seen Zootopia, but I really enjoyed your blog post about it! It sounds like a good movie and I’ll have to add it to my to watch list. I think animated television shows or films are often able to tackle issues that live action movies are not. Stereotypes can seem so silly when portrayed by animals and cause the audience to really question their assumptions in their daily life. -Valerie Medoff

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I love that Zootopia “went there” with the metaphor for the mass incarceration of black men. I think the film did an amazing job of explaining such a difficult concept in a blunt yet artful way. I loved this movie. –Serena Daya

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