Gilmore Girls Revival- Ally Harper

So let me just start this out with a YES! The Gilmore Girls revival was epic! For those of you not fans, first let me say I am sorry, and you should watch the series. Second, I will tell you that all the episodes (including the revival) are on Netflix so NO EXCUSES.

Now onto content. Lets talk about other revivals aka Fuller House. It was horrible. Be honest with yourself. It was bad. How it got a second season I have no clue. I mean it was just bad. And this is what I was thinking was coming out with Gilmore Girls. I was expecting a rough collaboration of the old cast and a good try but not a great one.

BUT Amy Sherman-Pallidono sure did prove me wrong. It was epic. Every cast member came back not in an entitled way just for appearances but it felt like this was just another season not a “revival”. Sure they all looked older, but they didnt look bad.

There was a slight reminiscing, but not to the point where there was no new material (I site Fuller House once again). The one thing I was dissapointed by was NOT THE ENDING even though I was shocked, I appreciated the cliffhanger and am hoping for another revival, but the fact that Team Jess and Team Dean did not battle it out. It was soooo clear that Logan was once again the choice. And I love Logan, I do, one of my favorite episodes is the life and death brigade episode, but I wanted the outcome to be different this time.

For more about what I am talking about watch this!

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5 Responses to Gilmore Girls Revival- Ally Harper

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Ally, I am so happy you loved the show! I have been dying to see it, but my mom and I promised we have to wait until we can watch it together over Christmas break. I am so obsessed with the show and I love that they decided to make these new episodes! -Allie Kleinman

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I was so so excited for both revivals that you discuss. I think the appeal of Fuller House was the nostalgia seeing these characters and where the end up. I actually haven’t started Gilmore Girls, I’m waiting til after finals, or else I will get nothing done
    -Laya Mohan

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I loved the revival too. I mean how can you not, it’s Gilmore Girls! I think the part that disappointed me most was that Rory seemed so lost in her career. I mean if Rory Gilmore can’t get it together, where is the hope for the rest of us? As for the ending, I didn’t hate it either. I was shocked, but I get it. -Valerie Medoff

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I have never seen Gilmore Girls (but before you freak out, I plan to!) but my sister is a HUGE fan, so I saw almost all of the revival episodes when I was home for Thanksgiving. All of my friends who are fans share a similar response to you about how good of a revival this was! My sister’s only complaint was that the “last four words” were a little too predictable in her opinion. I guess I have a lot of TV to watch over Christmas…
    – Sarah King

  5. mediaphiles says:

    That’s interesting that this felt to you more like another season instead of a revival. I’m glad almost all of the characters participated in it! All my friends had similar responses about the revival as well- I’ll have to watch it soon! -Kelsey Sierra

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