I LEGIT have so much to say… – Corey Washburn

In light of our viewing of the Pilot episode of Legit, I feel centering my final blog post around the series would be valuable (at least, I hope so) and interesting. I find some striking similarities between it’s popularity and the popularity of President-elect Donald Trump.

I, along with many others, find Legit quite troublesome, but I have been shocked by the disappointment in Americans following the show’s cancellation. Or, have I?

This situation reminds me of the most recent political campaign – yep, I’m going back to politics – for several reasons. First, I’d like to mention that Rotten Tomatoes describes Legit as “proudly rude, crude, and politically incorrect, but thanks to strong writing and sharply-drawn characters, it’s frequently hilarious and often oddly charming.” I am 100% not kidding you, I thought of Donald Trump when I read that. There are so many reasons the media thinks Trump appealed to his voter-base, but certainly, that’s one of them. There are people in the world who truly miss political incorrectness.

dtpolitical correctness.jpg

Second, I find it interesting the way many people interpret people with disabilities. Similarly, I find it interesting the way many people choose to interpret the lives of minority peoples, LGBTQ+ peoples, and other marginalized groups. Honestly, I don’t believe it’s anyone’s place to interpret the lives of others at all, but I find it especially intriguing that television gives us the perceived ability to do so.

Elite Daily actually  praises Legit for “Promoting People with Disabilities” stating that “for a show to promote understanding of people with disabilities and, at the same time, make it funny, is genius.”

legit.jpgTaken from Legit, Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot.”

I appreciate our viewing of Legit because I do think it’s vital to understand the spectrum of television available to us, but I find it even more crucial to understand the effect it has on its viewers and the society in which it lives. Here, I’ve connected two totally random plots and portrayed them as parallel as an attempt at making meaning for my own understanding of why the world is the way it is. Fascinating. Just some food for thought.

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