My Guilty Pleasure:Dance Moms|Laya Mohan

Hi guys, so one thing I never really discussed was reality TV, which is my guilty pleasure. I love it all, from Keeping up with the Kardashians to Say Yes to the Dress. As I write this, I have Dance Moms marathon playing in the background on Lifetime. There is a marathon today because today is the new season of Dance Moms.


Dance Moms cast,

These girls are amazing, like some of the best dancers in the world. I think it is crazy that these girls are so young yet so talented. The way they do their turns and flips and their flexibility keeps me in awe. This also makes me wish that I did more than 16 years of ballet, jazz and modern and went into competition. Some one please teach me how to do a front aerial…

Despite the girls being so amazing their mothers are a huge pain. I grew up in a dance world, and I know what real dance moms are like. They scheme and do anything to get ahead. My mom was fortunately never like that. She was not into getting in fights and arguing. She was that mom that dropped me off at dance then kept going with her life. I do not understand why these moms, especially the moms of the older girls do not just drop their daughter off and just go get a life. For example, Holly Frasier, Nia’s mom, has a PhD and was a principal at a school in Pittsburg. She dropped all of that to go to California and be on Dance Moms. I think that this makes her a terrible role model for her children. Her actions demonstrate to her children that they should drop all their families and careers for fame. I do not think there is a need  for these moms to sit there and watch rehearsals all day. In fact they should take advantage of the city and make themselves useful.

With that being said, I’m still going to watch the season premier.

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2 Responses to My Guilty Pleasure:Dance Moms|Laya Mohan

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love Dance Moms! I feel like it’s changed so much from the first season where Abby would be yelling viciously at the little girls and there was not one episode where her girls wouldn’t cry. Now the girls have gotten so much older and they do not tolerate Abby’s yelling (as much). They have significantly grown as dancers and young women. It’s so interesting hearing about your perspective as a dancer and how dance moms are in reality. I did not know Nia’s mom dropped out of everything for Dance Moms and I completely agree that her actions are definitely discrediting to her as a role model. All the moms are so obsessed with fame, it’s scary to think about how much that impacts their daughters and their future. Who knows if they will even go to college, but they definitely should feel like they have the option even if it means losing their fame.

    – Ziba

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I used to watch dance moms with my mom occasionally, and my mom was actually way more into it than I was. I hated all the drama that was on the show and was more intrigued with their talents and dedication at such a young age. I had no idea Nia’s mother quit her career for her daughter. I agree that it could be seen as setting a bad example for her daughter , but It also seems to me as the ultimate sacrifice to allow her daughter to follow her dreams and develop her talents at one of the best dance companies in the world.
    -Kendall Fischlein

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