It Doesn’t Have to Be Money Ball (2010s Blog)

Being an athlete, I have a strong opinion about the amount of money that is made over college athletics. One of the more straight forward ways that money is generated is in the world of television. Million dollar deals are struck all the time over full game showing rights on networks like ESPN, FOX, and NBC and student-athletes, the stars of the programming, get to see almost none of that money directly. An argument may be that we should just enjoy being on television and being viewed by so many people every week, which would be fine, if someone else wasn’t turning it into a business where we don’t get a cut. Paying players may not be the right thing to do all the time, but in this situation when their rights are being auctioned off over this kind of money, something needs to change. I think that some of the value of sport comes from the idea of people being able to compete fairly, and that should be more represented in the deals that are struck with networks over these showing rights. Players don’t need to be paid, but all networks should have the opportunity to pay a smaller sum of money to be able to show the game if that is what they want to do, there should not be huge payments for broadcasting rights in sports. Operating on this kind of platform would increase the overall broadcasting of all different kinds of sports, not just the popular ones today so support and exposure for all sports would be helped in the long run.

-Nick Luedeke

Sports Fans: Get Ready to Spend More Money to Watch Your Favorite Teams

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2 Responses to It Doesn’t Have to Be Money Ball (2010s Blog)

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I agree that there needs to be some sort of compensation for the players if they are going to have money be made off of their own likeness. Lissette

  2. mediaphiles says:

    Players should absolutely get paid considering the amount of money they generate for their schools. It’s ridiculous that a coach gets 3 million while the players get just a scholarship work 40,000 while the NCAA gets billions. That is not fair.
    -Jordan Hansgen

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