The Overbearing Stream (2000s Blog)

My life has come to a point where do not watch regular network television, outside of sports and South Park. I spend all of time watching streamed shows over services like HBO GO, Netflix, and Hulu. I have very little interest in new shows that are coming out when there is half a century of good television that is resurfacing seasons, or even entire series, at a time. The only reason I even own a TV is because I have an Xbox and the only reason I have a cable cord is because of the Olympics this past summer. I feel as though this is how the majority of young people operate in today’s society, and I think it’ll be a good thing for television in the long run. I say this because it is no secret that television ratings are starting to drop. This drop is going to put a pressure on networks and their sponsorship deals, in the end it’s all about the money, and that mentality of “ratings are everything” will fuel networks to take some risks on possibly a wider variety of shows to try to pick up a new audience. In the end I do not think that this method will work, as far as gain back viewership, but what I do think it will do is make television very similar to what happened to radio when television came out, specialize. Right now it is pretty clear that there is some specialization of television channels and networks, but not to the degree that radio was. This transition will create an even wider variety of shows to explore all different kinds of ideas and viewpoints and in the end this overexposure will be good for American society as a whole.

-Nick Luedeke

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2 Responses to The Overbearing Stream (2000s Blog)

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I was thinking about this the other day because of the reading for broadcasting class discussing the introduction of streaming/downloading media. I also almost solely use my ps4/xbox to watch stuff on TV or do anything media-related and I agree that I could force everything switching over to that in the future, or at least to some device like the consoles that consolidates everything you need into one place. Max Lissette

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