Batman’s lasting imprint

I have thought about where the direction for this blog post should head for a while, and started to think about other stories that are classics and that have been redone many times.  We looked at Cinderella’s many different versions–from the original children’s story that the masses know to a more recent cartoon rendition.  One of the first things that we talked about was how nearly everyone has, at a minimum, heard the story of Cinderella.   I have personally seen five movies based on the story over the years.

The character of Batman is widely known, even for those who have not seen the movie or other renditions since its release in 1989.  Just like Cinderella, most people can explain who Batman is and have most likely seen one of the movies or spin-offs.  I recently started watching Gotham on Netflix, and immediately saw the strong ties to the Batman movie, The Dark Night.  The dark scenery and dramatic music can best be shown in the screenshot below.


What comes to mind first when I envision Batman are the intense, dark scenes that constantly drive the plot.  This screenshot shows just that—an eerie and powerful show.  The show follows the young Bruce Wayne and so far has given a closer look at what made him who he is.  It is interesting to take a closer look at his time spent at Wayne Manor, and although I am only 1 episode in, I look forward to watching him grow.  Watching this spin-off so far has been even better than the original movie in 1989.  The comparisons to the Batman series—Bruce Wayne and what I have read online for a potential Joker character—lead me to believe that it will be similar in many ways.  Kayla Hawkins discusses how Jerome may end up taking the role that the Joker had, in her article online.  I cannot wait to keep watching, and hope to continuously see the similarities to the original Batman story.

~Maddie Turner

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6 Responses to Batman’s lasting imprint

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I agree with your statement that ‘Watching this spin-off so far has been even better than the original movie in 1989.’ I enjoyed how the show showed up more of the characters the life and how it in a way showed how and why things happened that was not fully understood in the movies.

    John Armstrong

  2. mediaphiles says:

    It’s truly crazy to think about how classic stories (like Cinderella, Batman, Romeo and Juliet, etc.) are reworked, retouched, and recreated over time to connect with modern audiences. Most interestingly, even the smallest inspirations like “intense and eerie scenes”, as you said, make a meaningful and nostalgic impression on a new media text.

    – Lydia Geisel

  3. mediaphiles says:

    My favorite Batman is definitely Christopher Nolan’s more realistic and darker version of the character and agree that it is fascinating to see the variety in how the same character is portrayed.
    -Jordan Hansgen

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I very much appreciate your comments regarding the modern twists on classic tales and I believe that this is a stellar example. “Gotham” provides a look into the lives of the heroines, heroes, and villains alike in Gotham City and we are provided with an opportunity to experience where Bruce Wayne came from, as well as where his piers started out. I think that this is a great comparison to the modern renditions of “Cinderella.”
    -Luke Dellorso

  5. mediaphiles says:

    I love how long-lasting fiction figures like Batman gets constantly reworked, rebooted, and re-interpreted. The way they evolve, I think, mirrors the way our time changes. I’d like to know how people decades later would think about the Batman of our time. I love The Dark Knight. I hope they will continue loving it :p

    -Kevin Yu

  6. marymdalton says:

    I am fascinated by your post and reminded — once again — how much more many of my students know about certain types of media than I do! I confess, most of the super hero films (and to some degree series) run together in my mind. We are all different in our proclivities, and that is part of what makes it all so much fun!!

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