Bring Back The Following

Like many other students, I am constantly looking for a new show and after searching through Netflix, I decided to try a crime, thriller show on Fox.  I had never heard of it and figured that it would be along the lines of Criminal Minds or one of the dozens of other similar shows.  To my surprise, The Following immediately captured my attention. Looking back, I remember being completely enthralled by the original story-line, fast paced action, and intense yet unbelievable drama.  Kevin Bacon’s character, who you grow to love and hate, pushes the boundaries and sees himself in the villain, Joe Carroll.  The acting feels real and although the show did not fair as well as shows like Dexter, the uniqueness sets it apart.

blog the following.GIF

Still from The Following, “Chapter 2” (Season 1, Episode 2, 2013.)

The show was created in 2013 but it unfortunately ended after just three short seasons.  Once it was announced that the show would not be renewed, I saw a decline in the quality of the story and a failed attempt to keep the show alive.  Like many others, they pushed the story-line too far and took on too much.  After starting out as the most highly rated show on Fox, they could not keep it up as this article in Deadline explains.  I am hoping that someone will pick up the show and bring it back to its glory!

-Maddie Turner

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One Response to Bring Back The Following

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I was absolutely hooked on this show and finished the seasons in about a week. I thought the plotline was thrilling and addicting while always keeping me clicking onto the next episode. However, I do agree, I think the show developed too fast and got carried away with the concept too early on. After the first seasons, I was genuinely curious how they were going to keep the show going because SO much had happened in so little time. I think if they had concentrated more on the character development of Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll instead of rapidly killing off so many people, the show would have had more content to explore. At times, some of the action was so extreme and implausible that it became too unrealistic. I would have loved to see this show continue.

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