The Ending that Will Make La La Land Best Picture

By: Katherine Naylor

As the Oscars quickly approach, my goal is to see one of the nominated films every week. This past week, I finally got to see La La Land. Throughout the entire film I kept asking “how is this film up for Best Picture and thirteen other awards?” But then the end came and it was amazing. Spoiler ahead: the film ends with showing what the future of two lovers could have had if they had stayed together. As a bit of a hopeless romantic, it was brilliant and upsetting to watch a scenario unfold of what could have been. Our whole life is about decisions and one can only hope that the decision one make’s with a lover is the right one. La La Land proves that sometimes the decisions we make are not the best or right ones.For this, I understand why it is nominated for Best Picture: the final scene is sad but lovely, and beautifully edited. It allows the film to have the charisma, uniqueness and creativity to be nominated for Best Picture. I decided to below to say whether or not it should win for each of the categories it was nominated for:MV5BMzUzNDM2NzM2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTM3NTg4OTE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

Best Picture: POTENTIALLY WIN – It is a clever, visually aesthetic film however, I believe that there are stronger candidates for this category.

Actor in Leading Role: WIN – Ryan Reynolds does a great job playing this role. It is as if he took his low-key, inspired personality in The Notebook and turned up a notch to create a dynamic character. I would be happy if he won, but could also see other actors winning the award.

Actress in Leading Role: PASS – I thought Emma Stone did a very nice job at playing her part, but I think it was nothing extraordinary. Compared to the other actress’ performances, I do not think she should win this award.

Cinematography: N/A Before I make an opinion on this category, I would like to see more of the nominated films.

Costume Design: PASS – I actually found the costume design to be quite confusing in this film. It felt as if they were always wearing outfits from the 1960s when it was suppose to take place in modern day LA.

Directing: WIN- Damien Chazelle did a wonderful job brining this story to life. I believe the film had the potential to be cheesy and dry, but he made it feel alive, fun and serious.

Film Editing: WIN – The final, and most important scene, is a montage of different images that are perfectly edited to recreate the life the couple could have had together.

Music (Original Score): WIN – The score helps create the entire ambiance that LA is a very magical space; it allows to space for LA to appear to be a la la land.

Music (Original Song): PASS- Each of the songs are nice alone, but only together do they create a beautiful soundtrack.

Production Design: N/A – Before I make an opinion on this category, I would like to see more of the nominated films

Sound Editing and Sound Mixing : N/A – I unfortunately do not have enough experience critiquing this category to make an opinion

Writing Original Screenplay: PASS – I think that while the screenplay is clever, it was really the director, producer, set design and editor who made the film so fantastic. With the wrong direction, this film could have felt like a Nicholas Spark’s film.

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3 Responses to The Ending that Will Make La La Land Best Picture

  1. mediaphiles says:

    The ending of La La Land is definitely one of the most memorable sequences of 2016, and I long to watch it again. Probably this weekend. Thank you for the nice write up. I agree with you on most items. I used to think Casey Affleck had already grasped the Oscar in his had, given his extraordinary performance in Manchester by the Sea, but with the little plot twist in SAG last week and Denzel Washington getting the best actor for Fences, I think anything can happen at the Oscar now. Ryan Gosling is indeed a strong candidate.

    -Kevin Yu

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I love the way that you approached this blog post and since I have never seen the movie it was interesting to see what you thought abut individual elements of the film. I am a little disappointing to hear that you do not think Emma Stone has a chance at Best Actress, but have heard that Gosling was fantastic. This movie is constantly being brought up in class and in the posts and I cannot wait to see it soon!
    -Maddie Turner

  3. mediaphiles says:

    This post is extremely well done. I like the explanation behind each decision that you made. It is quite refreshing. I have a feeling that La La Land will most likely win big this year. I do want to reserve my judgments though until I have seen more movies nominated in those categories. Even so, the popularity of this film is overwhelming and I, personally, thought it was well done. I hope we do go see Moonlight as a class though because, judging by many reactions, La La Land has some stiff competition to beat.

    -Shelby Halliman

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