Zootopia: A Film For Everyone

By: Kendra Thornton

Last year I took my little cousins to see Zootopia, and I have watched it two more times since then. “Zootpia” is a mammal metropolis where predators and prey live together in harmony. It is depicted as a place where no matter what animal you are, you can be anything. But Officer Judy Hops quickly learns that she must prove herself as Zootopia’s first bunny cop, and takes on the challenge.

The animals in this movie are insanely adorable, hug-able, and, insanely hilarious. With its prey/predator divide, the film, at first, seems to be confronting bullying, but this quickly expands from a “believe in yourself” message to address how prejudice and preconceptions can cause us to misjudge people. These are cleverly addressed by using typical animal characteristics like, all foxes are untrustworthy, and that bunnies are cute and fluffy, but can’t be tough. One of the absolute best scenes is with the sloths at the DMV. Even without the context of movie this scene would still kill me. But the reason I bring it up, besides the fact that it’s the best scene of the movie, is that it also highlights this idea of stereotypes.


Image taken from giphy.com

There is also this classic officer and criminal forced to work together, which challenges these preconceptions as the two learn more about each other. What is really great about this movie is that it shows how even people who think they are open minded can be blind to their own preconceptions. This film delivers this message in such a subtle and great way, while also being one of Disney’s funniest films. Its on Netflix!!!



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4 Responses to Zootopia: A Film For Everyone

  1. I actually really want to see this. I’ve heard it is great from other people as well. Disney seems to be on a new wave of challenging preconceptions–which I think is cool as long as they don’t try too hard. It’s funny to compare these new trends to old animations like Tom & Jerry and Looney Toons. They have some horrible stereotypes/lessons in them, but they are excellent (and hey, our generation came out alright!)

  2. mediaphiles says:

    This movie was so great in the way that it didn’t even try to be subtle in the issues it addressed. It’s almost like what we spoke of in class yesterday, it was consistent and purposeful in the way it was obvious about its addressing of prejudices. Such a great movie, and such a hysterical moment with the sloths.

    Michael Cyphers

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve heard this is a great film from a lot of people, along with all of the other animated films that were recently made. Like Moana, Finding Dory and etc. I have heard that all of these films are great, but I just cannot bring myself to watch them all the way to the end. I could admit they are very interesting with a simple plot that grasp your attention . . . I guess its just isn’t my thing. Maybe one day in future I will bring myself to watch it to the end.

    -John Armstrong

  4. mediaphiles says:

    Kendra! I absolutely loved Zootopia! It was funny, adorable, and extremely socially aware in one film! I loved the fact that it brought forth social commentary, and raised awareness through a medium that everyone can love. I have such a deep respect for the makers of this film. Just like you as well, I loved Flash, Flash, 100 yard dash! I will have to watch it again and see if there is anything that I can pick up on, that I missed the first time that I watched it! Thank you Kendra!

    – Luke Dellorso

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