I Couldn’t Fight My Brother

By: Dez Wortham

This past weekend I watched a number of movies from varying genres, one that stood out to me was Warrior. Warrior for me hits home, in a different way though. To give a brief summary it’s about two brothers who aren’t very close who compete in a mixed martial arts tournament and have to fight each other in the championship for the cash prize. I won’t spoil it for you, but both brothers are in need of this money. Both characters risked everything to win this tournament. They risked relationships, jobs and all things they care about to protect what they love. I can’t go into too much detail about it without giving it away.

warriorThe reason this show sticks with me is my brother and I are very close. He is my role model and the first one I call if I need anything. Our relationship is totally opposite of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. We both have very different views on many things but have some common ground that we agree on and that’s family. And the basis of this movie is family. No matter what the issues are, no matter how great or how bad, or how broken a family is there is still a special bond. Warrior gets to this special bond at the very end of the movie. Everyone begins to care and are brought together by the most pain endearing sport on the planet.

Usually you look to film and T.V. to depict the perfect family or household, even if it isn’t really perfect, but it makes you feel as if it is. Warrior does the exact opposite it shows how dysfunctional families are or can be, but it also shows how family can come together in the time of need. The situation that is taking place in this film might be relatable for some and for others it may just bring you to reminisce on a time where things were bad but in the end family helped make it better. I strongly encourage everyone to watch this movie even if you aren’t into fighting. I promise you there are at least 2 scenes, maybe even more depending on how much of a mush you are, that will make you cry.

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4 Responses to I Couldn’t Fight My Brother

  1. mediaphiles says:

    The first time I saw Warrior I was emotionally wrecked by a few of the scenes especially. Nick Nolte brings such a powerful performance to the film and it really sticks with you, especially that one scene on the street, talking to Joel Edgerton’s character (if I remember correctly). It’s a great “sports” movie that deals heavily with family relationships and responsibilities and it’s great to watch.

    – Cal Parsons

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I haven’t seen this film but reading the description of it reminded me of The Fighter, which also tugs at the heart and focuses on family. Like you, I can’t imagine a position bad enough where I could go one on one against my brother in anything this serious. It sounds like this is a really eye-opening film.

    -Kendra Thornton

  3. mediaphiles says:

    This is one of the better movies I have ever watched. That final fight scene leaves you with that feeling where you walk out of a theater after seeing an action movie and you feel adrenaline and energy rushing through you like you’re ready to do all of the crazy things you just watched the characters in the film do. I definitely agree though that the movie is not just about fighting, but also has a strong focus on messages of family values and brotherhood, etc.


  4. mediaphiles says:

    I have four siblings and like you, I am very close with them! I put family above everything so watching this film would be very interesting. We definitely have friendly competition amongst us, whether it be grades or jobs, but we still respect and support one another!

    -Maddie Turner

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