“Decide for yourself who you’re going to be”

What makes a bad person? Can people change? How can circumstances change the way we look at one another?

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3 Responses to “Decide for yourself who you’re going to be”

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Michael, thank you so much for your commentary on “Moonlight”. I was unable to attend the screening on Tuesday night and have yet to see the film, so I am very intrigued by your discussion of it. I also very much appreciate the point that you raised, regarding the complexity of a person who may be involved in harmful activities (or what would be socially defined as harmful activities) but also shows the utmost care and respect for people or a particular person. The image that comes to my mind, is of a family member who does harmful things outside of the home, but then would lay down hers or his life for the family.

    I will have to go to the theatre to see this very soon! Thank you Michael!

    -Luke Dellorso

  2. mediaphiles says:

    Going to a movie without any knowledge about it definitely happened a lot to me lately. In fact, if I decide to watch a movie, I will consciously avoid learning anything about it, including watching trailers, reading plot summaries, etc. Sometimes I will go blindly without even knowing who directed it. It is super fun!

    Also, I believe the fate of the drug dealer is hinted in the second section of the movie. There is a funeral mentioned, and his mother, his peers, they all have hinted that the drug dealer is dead. I do wonder what happens to Teresa. I don’t think she is mentioned in the third part of the movie. Maybe I’m missing something. I hope to see this movie again!

    -Kevin Yu

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I think it is such an important and interesting discussion to be had about the concept of reconciliation and our ability to become better people through the many experiences of our lifetime. Everyone has their flaws. Everyone has their secrets. Everyone has an aspect of the past they are not proud of. Who is to say a drug dealer is a bad person deep down? I think people can change. I think people are constantly changing. It is up to us if we want that to be a positive or negative change within ourselves.

    -Sarah Holt

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