Greater: An Inspiring Yet Tragic Story

By: Kendra Thornton


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Greater is based on the true story of Brandon Burlsworth and his inspiring rise as the all-time greatest walk-on college football player in history. Brandon was a heavyset kid who fulfilled his childhood dream of being on the Arkansas Razorback’s football team in 1994. Brandon exceeded his goal when he became an all-American offensive lineman during his senior year, and again when he was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts.

You will need about three boxes of Kleenex to get through this movie because Brandon’s journey is an emotional roller coaster. One minute you are weeping tears of joy, and the next you are feeling a sadness you didn’t think was possible when watching a movie.

Greater is not just another football success story. This film is about life, death, faith, and the relationship between the three. This film is split between Brandon’s story, which we get through flashbacks, and how Brandon’s loved ones are coping with losing him.


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There is a good amount of Christian content in this film because Brandon was a devout Christian, who’s unwavering faith pushed him to believe in himself and in his dreams. A big question that this film raises, and that many people have asked themselves is “why do bad things to happen to good people?” and shows Brandon’s brother, Marty, greatly struggle with this. Even if you are not very religious, Brandon’s story is still worth watching. What his faith motivated him to achieve can be appreciated by anyone.

Brandon’s story is the most inspiring thing I have ever seen and this story honors his memory in such an amazing way. Again, this movie is not just about football. It’s about Brandon accomplishing his dream, and it’s amazing. Everyone needs to see this film and read his story because it’s the only way you will really understand what I’m saying.

Here is an article about Brandon’s story

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2 Responses to Greater: An Inspiring Yet Tragic Story

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I am definitely going to watch this soon! I am a big football fan and usually what we see in the media about individual players tends to be negative, so a story that honors his life and talks about his success seems like a good mix. Looking at his life in the past and then the current pain in his family over losing him though, is going to be very sad as you said.

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