Always Sunny, Always Good


Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air since 2005, and it is now in the midst of it’s 12th season. I wrote about Shonda Rhimes last week and how she is able to keep producing such high quality television for so many seasons without losing the interest of her audience, and the dominance of ‘Always Sunny’ is just as impressive as that of Shonda’s most popular show, Greys Anatomy. Always Sunny has been receiving some of its best reviews this year as the show has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after the first six episodes of the season. As someone who has seen nearly all of the series before, I can definitely attest to those ratings being accurate.

The ideas for the show that they have come up with this season have been laugh out loud funny. In the first episode, the gang wakes up one morning to discover that they are all black. The episode follows them as they try to figure out  what is going on and what they are “allowed to do and say” now that they are black. While the episode is meant to be comical, I do believe that the episode still sent some subliminal messages against things like stereotyping, racism, and police brutality. While the episode did tip toe the border between what is appropriate and inappropriate to do in a show in this episode, they did so successfully through well executed satire and by actually including a message of meaning deep underneath the comedy on the surface.

Another episode that was great this season was when Frank saves Mac from having a Piano fall on him. To save Mac, Frank yells across the street “look out, faggot!” and this heads up gives Mac the time to get out of the way of the piano. Despite having saved Mac’s life, Frank is not immediately regarded as a hero like he expects to be. Instead, Mac challenges Frank about why he called him a “faggot” and reprimands him later on for using such a vile word. In a show that is almost never serious, there was a strong and serious tone in Mac’s character’s voice as he lectured the rest of the gang about why it is not okay to use that word. Later in the episode, Mac comes out as gay-something that the show had hinted at before but never fully committed to. I thought this episode was another really nice example of this show sending a subliminal and serious message deep beneath the comedic material that we see on the surface.

Lastly, the best episode of the season so far in my opinion was titled “Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer” in which they spoofed the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” and other true-crime shows. Overall, the show is coming up with hilarious new ideas non-stop and never fails to impress even in its 12th season. To read reviews from critics, click here

Max Lissette


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3 Responses to Always Sunny, Always Good

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I have never seen It and didn’t even know that they were still making episodes. The episode where they wake up black seems interesting. I am interested to know how characters appeared. Where they new characters that were really black or were they the same characters just wearing make up? I think depending on how they were presented would depend on the tone that it would present.
    By: Dez Wortham

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I took a television studies course in New Zealand, and one of the primary shows which was included in the course was It’s Always Sunny. The show really does a great job at using the most outrageous humor to get a very serious issue brought to light. Somehow this show annoys the heck out of me, yet is one I always return back to haha.

    Michael Cyphers

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I used to watch It’s Always Sunny when I was younger, actually around the same time I became obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. Natively, I didn’t know that Shonda Rhimes wrote both of them! I have to give her a huge kudos for having such amazing range, and for such long running series.

    Katherine Naylor

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