I Finally saw La La Land!

By: Maddie Turner

With all of the talk about the upcoming Oscars and hype surrounding one movie in particular, La La Land, I figured it was time to finally see it!  The opening scene took me by surprise a bit–I knew it was a musical, but after watching the first few minutes, I was expecting a very playful and upbeat movie to ensue.  I was happy to see though that the number of songs and dancing was toned back a bit and that there was a solid plot behind it.

Gosling and Stone are a dynamic duo.  I have always been a fan of the pair and was not at all let down by their performances.  Many have praised Gosling and believe that he will win best actor, but I thought that Emma Stone’s performance was even more impressive.  Not only did she fulfill her role well, but she brought so much energy and light to the movie.  I specifically liked how she added a bit of humor to the film–her friends and her overall demeanor were light-hearted and added to the allure of the movie.

I was also drawn in by the score of the movie.  Leaving, I repeatedly hummed the song “City of Stars” to myself.  It is a very iconic tune that was brought up again and again in the movie, being sung by the characters, played in the background, and constantly adapted and changed to fit the scenes.  In my opinion, without this song, the film would not have been so successful.  Essentially, the same line is repeated for the majority of the song, and it lulls you into a trance almost.  There is something special about having an original, catchy song that simple yet beautiful.

Image result for screenshot la la land opening scene

Still from La La Land  (2016.)  Image from [URL].

I do not want to go too far into the plot without giving it away to those (sad few) who have still not seen this movie, but I would like to comment on how successful this film was despite what seemed to be an unoriginal idea.  Many films look at tough situations when all of the odds seem to be against you, just like many more are base don Hollywood and hopes of becoming famous.  But what La La Land does in such a short amount of time, is to make you fall in love with the characters and root for not only their love but for Mia’s and Sebastian’s careers.

I was satisfied with the ending, mostly because I was warned that it was not going to be a typical ‘happy’ ending.  While I had hoped for a particular ending–those who have seen it know what I mean–if that had happened, the movie would not have been such a hit.  It represents real life.  Not everything works out perfectly in the end, but that is okay!

For those who have not seen it, please do yourself a favor and watch it…you will not regret it!


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3 Responses to I Finally saw La La Land!

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Still have yet to see this movie, but I certainly plan to in the next few days. Chazelle is truly a genius as a director and can’t wait to see how his vision for an original Musical turned out.

    -Jordan Hansgen

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I agree that City of Stars is a super compelling tune and I loved that they used it throughout the film in both happy and sad scene where the song took on a different meaning. Though Ryan Gosling doesn’t have the best voice, the song is so sweet and simple that it didn’t really seem like he needed to be a Broadway start singer.


  3. mediaphiles says:

    I have loved Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone every since Crazy, Stupid, Love. They work so well together and I hope to see them in another movie together in the near future. The aesthetic of the movie blew me away. The contrast of colors are absolutely stunning. The picture is just so vivid and the colors that are used throughout the film, blend in very nicely. I really liked the music as well, especially City of Stars. It is so tender and mellow that I just feel relaxed when listening to it. The film very much reminds me of Moulin Rouge with its formalist style and similarities. No wonder why I like it so much.

    -Shelby Halliman

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