Student Films Projecting at stART

by Russell Lawrence

This upcoming Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Joel Tauber’s Advanced Video Art class will be presenting their first two channel films of the semester outside of the stART gallery in Reynolda Village. The event is catered by May Way dumplings and each film is about three minutes in length. Since the films will all be looping, feel free to stop in whenever! I only have stills from my own film, but I’ll try to describe the films of my peers in detail.

departure clip 3.PNGstill from Departure, 2017.

Each of us was given full creative control over what our film was about, and as such everyone’s projects are different.

Fellow classmate Cal Parsons directed a film commemorating the late Arnold Palmer by shooting footage of the only course designed by the golf legend in Winston Salem. He then paired imagery of Arnold Palmer playing in another documentary with footage of himself playing on the course. The result is a heartfelt film that strikes a chord with golf fans and passersby alike. Cal’s film, Footsteps, showing tomorrow, is short and sweet.

Courtney Geiger wrote and directed her film Black Barbie. She projects an image of a white Barbie overtop a woman of color. The Barbie speaks to the audience about desirable features and questions what it means to be beautiful. Our fellow classmate Katherine Naylor lends her voice talents to the Barbie.

Connor Bulakitis’ film Tory’s Den explores a local cave near Pilot Mountain. While relaying text on one channel he displays haunting imagery from the cave on the other. Connor’s film shifts perspectives from the Revolutionary War and makes the viewer live through a terrifying moment in the British soldiers’ lives.

Libby William’s film Followers plays with clever editing techniques and documents footage of a church. In the second channel we hear the last words of a group of cultists, arguing with their pastor before committing mass suicide. The film questions what it means to have blind faith, but isn’t a critique of religion in general.

My film Departure is about distribution of wealth in Winston Salem. I filmed buildings, streets, and shops in the downtown area. I also filmed alleys, trash, and crumbling buildings to capture contrasts in wealth. In addition to this, my film takes a formalist turn. I not only filmed with a kaleidescope in front of my lense, I also built a rig for my tripod so that I could spin the camera around 360 degrees. Both channels rotate in different ways, conveying the different realities of the Winston Salem area.

departure-clip-4still from Departure, 2017.

All of these films and more will be showing tomorrow and Cal and I hope to see you there! For more films by myself and our peers go to our Video Art Youtube page!

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5 Responses to Student Films Projecting at stART

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Also, I miss the intellectual fervor in Joel’s classes which is clearly still very strong. I am looking forward to seeing these films soon!

    Katherine Naylor

  2. mediaphiles says:

    They all look awesome! I hope I will have the time to make it. They all sound like visually stunning films. I also hope to take this class haha.

    -Kevin Yu

    • mediaphiles says:

      Kevin you should definitely look for Joel’s class, Intro to Video Art! it’s in the art department but fulfills film minor requirements.

      Russell Lawrence

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I appreciate the plug. Everyone should come out to the event, there are some really creative people at Wake, and it’s really great when people come out to see their creativity on display.

    – Cal

  4. So glad you wrote about this! I am looking forward to seeing them all and appreciate the teaser descriptions. I’ll have more to talk about after I see them :)

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