Logan: Human Storytelling Before Spectacle (No Spoilers)

By: Jake Fallin


Image Source: screenrant.com

I just recently saw Logan over the break and it is straight up there with some of the best films I have seen this year, perhaps making my list of top favorites of all time.  With spectacular superhero movies with crazy effects and action dominating the box office these days, Logan shows a different more human, grounded side to superhero flicks.  Take out the fact that it is about comic book superheros, and you still have a phenomenal film with a great story.

This film wasn’t just another tick box to the list for FOX’s superhero films.  The X-Men and Wolverine series have been an extremely shaky series with a past that be described as confusing, contradictory, and mediocre, falling behind the official Marvel cinematic universe quite often.  When I heard that there was another Wolverine movie coming up, I just expected some more of that, but boy was I surprised when I saw the trailer.  And after seeing the film, I can definitely Logan stands as a diamond in the rough and an excellent send off for Hugh Jackman.

This movie didn’t focus on what it was: a comic book super hero movie.  It instead focused on telling and actual good story with depth.  It didn’t try to translate comic book spectacles to the big screen, it dove deep into an amazing character of Logan to show us something we haven’t seen in a comic book movie before.


Image Source: screenrant.com

What a lot of comic books do these day (as well as other franchises), is rely on intertextuality to create hype and substitute for actual good storytelling and purpose.  This is done by bringing nostalgic images to the big screen that create meaning only through an outside knowledge, while in reality the subject brings almost nothing to the table.  For a clearer explanation of this, check out Nerwriter1’s video that explores this idea here.

Another aspect that helped this film was passion.  In interviews for the film Hugh Jackman stated how he and James Mangold (Director) sat down and really wanted to tell a true story for wolverine, one that was honest to the character.  When the studio pushed back and opted for a pg13 rating, they pushed back for the mature so that they could tell the story they wanted to tell. It was a passion project for creativity, not the next movie on an assembly line.

I highly recommend anyone to see this film.  Warning: there will be tears!


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6 Responses to Logan: Human Storytelling Before Spectacle (No Spoilers)

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Wow, I really love your description of this film! I definitely need to see it. I agree that films are often over-the-top with special affects and complex plot lines. I prefer thought-provoking movies with sincere characters over dizzying special affects any day. Superhero films aren’t really my thing, but this is one I need to see. -Caitlin Herlihy

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I saw the trailer for this film and I really enjoyed it. The incorporation of Johnny Cash was very different in comparison to the usual fast-paced rock song that is usually attached to these types of movies. It seemed like this film was more about the story and less about the action. I will definitely be seeing this soon. Thanks for your post!

    -Shelby Halliman

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I thought Logan was great and I agree with all your points about what separates this film from the standard superhero film. I agree that even based on the trailer it was clear that this film was going to be special and I think Jackman and Mangold really delivered. I hope the film’s success will lead to more films like this that focus more on story and character than action and effects.

    -Walker Rise

  4. mediaphiles says:

    My plan is to go see it this weekend, but I don’t know if i can wait until Saturday night. From your description and the movie trailer it seems incredible. I will let you know that i think about it and how i feel it measures with the others.


  5. mediaphiles says:

    Jake, I will absolutely be seeing Logan very soon! Thank you so much for your commentary, as I am so excited! There are so many questions that the trailer presented that I want to have answered, such as, who is the actress in the film and is she related to him? I will have to find out! Thank you again Jake!

    -Luke Dellorso

  6. mediaphiles says:

    I think Marvel is revolutionizing superhero movies and this and Deadpool are both examples of that. I unfortunately haven’t seen either but plan to watch now that I’ve read this article.
    -Jordan Hansgen

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