Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy

Luke Clellan Dellorso

Growing up, I always loved and adored the work of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and until recently, I did not realize that three of the films that they were in together, were made as a trilogy!


Image Courtesy of The Arcade Writer, Raymond Provencher

In 1998, Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg were developing a sitcom, by the name of Spaced, for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. They had previously worked with director Edgar Wright on the comedy Asylum in 1996 and reached out in the hopes of working with him again.

As a result of their success with Spaced, Pegg and Wright began to work on Shaun of the Dead, which released in 2004. The film experienced great success both financially and critically and Wright and Pegg planned out a trilogy, which was named after the ice cream that Wright used as a hangover cure in college (Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy). The films that ensued were Hot Fuzz in 2007 and The World’s End in 2013. The trilogy does not follow a sequential storyline, but rather follows a similar creative style in each film, which is the basis of the trio.

The reason that I am bringing this information to you, is in the hopes that I may spur you to watch these films, if you have not seen them yet, and to re-watch them if you have! I recently watched another film that Simon Pegg was in (Man Up) and it inspired me to delve more deeply into the details of his career. I personally find it absolutely inspiring that he, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright have worked on so many films together and it I love that they have stayed true to their style and their tune.

In watching these films, I recommend that you keep an eye out for the quick cuts and fast transitions as well as the similarities in style. There is something about each one of the films that is indescribable, but it makes me feel as though each is related to the other! I hope that you enjoy these films and if you would like to know more about Edgar Wright and the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy, please take a look at his bio!

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2 Responses to Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors working today. His attention to detail and the several quick and hidden jokes buried within every frame of the Cornetto Trilogy make repeat viewings extremely rewarding. He has a new film coming out this year called Baby Driver and I absolutely cannot wait to see another Edgar Wright film. I would recommend the Cornetto Trilogy to anyone I meet, they’re brilliantly made and the visual comedy is so well-executed. I suggest anyone who appreciates film to watch the Every Frame A Painting video on Edgar Wright’s visual comedy, it’ll definitely get you to watch his films.

    – Cal

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I have been meaning to watch Hot Fuzz and The World’s End for some time, but have never gotten around to it. I think Shaun of the Dead is absolutely great though! This post has definitely reminded me to go see the others. I think Edgar Wright is a great director, and it is a shame that he dropped out of directing Ant Man, because I believe he could have made that film excellent.

    -Walker Rise

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