That (Pretty Good, yet Potentially Sexist) Awkward Moment

That_Awkward_Moment.jpgBy:Katherine Naylor

The other night I decided I wanted a laid back, laugh out loud movie for a relaxing Saturday night. I came across the film That Awkward Moment starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and I have to admit, I was happily surprised. I usually never go for a comedy, but the three main characters created such on- screen fun presence I felt like I was there, drinking beers with the boys.

The film is about three single guys in their 20s who make a pact to not get into relationships. Of course, once the pact starts two of the three guys fall for somone. With a simple, easy to follow plot, hilarious comradery, and great onscreen chemistry, the film makes you feel as if you are NYC, discovering love, right there with them.

that-awkward-moment-whysoblu-6-1024x485.pngImage from source

However, I do have to debate whether I can really recommend the film due to the underlying sexist connotations in the film. There are multiple scenes that make females appear to be objects of sexual desire whom are easily manipulated. For example, one of the guys’ girl friend (friend who is a girl) stops other girls and compliments her shoes in order to then introduce her to the guys. The scene makes the girl of choice seem naiive, and easily persuaded. (see scene below)

Also, the film reinforces the stereotype that women want the secure, lasting relationship and men want to be single, unattached and emotional unaware. Even though in the end of the film the men do decide to be in relationships, I still think that the film paints men into a light of the “tough guys who will never settle down”. I found an interesting op-ed that tries to understand the sexism in the film.

If anyone has seen the film, please comment your opinion. Is this film sexist due to the stereotypes it condones? Or is it just trying to be funny and the sexist undertones shouldn’t matter? And because, in the end, the film proves that men can be in relationships, does the sexist commentary from the beginning of the film even matter?


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One Response to That (Pretty Good, yet Potentially Sexist) Awkward Moment

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve seen this film and I never thought about it being sexist. I think they all have a pact to stay single together because Michael B. Jordan’s character had just gotten broken up with or something. I also love Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, and at the end of the day this is supposed to be a funny, feel good movie. I also like how this film shows three different situations of trying to get over a break up, realizing you are in love with your best friend, and meeting someone completely new that buds into romance. Also in the scene with the shoe complimenting, i think the girl knows exactly what is going on but just thinks Miles Teller’s character is cute and she is interested so she goes along with it. I mean, I would!

    -Kendra Thornton

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