We All Love A True Story

By: Kendra Thornton

Blow-2001Over the weekend I watched Blow, a movie based on a true story about the life of George Jung. Just for some background, in the 1970s and early 1980s Jung work alongside Pablo Escobar as a member of the Medellin Cartel, which was responsible for over 85% of all cocaine smuggled into the United State

Blow Movie real guy

Taken from New Line Cinema


In Blow, Jung is played by the perfectly cast, Johnny Depp, and tells the story of Jung’s rise and fall. The film starts out with Jung as a young boy, wearing a red and blue flannel jacket to match his father’s and begging to come to work with him. Jung sees the trouble his father faces financially, and decides in that moment that he will do whatever it takes to never to never be poor. This scene truly sets up the film for the audience to understand who George Jung is and why he can’t seem to quit smuggling drugs. Depp’s performance, especially with portraying Jung’s aging throughout the years was brilliant. This film also allowed for amazing and loud costumes that contributed so much to the mood of Jung at each point in his life. When Jung first moves out to California, he sports an awful haircut with some very unflattering sunglasses. As Jung makes more money and becomes more powerful, we see him transform into a man who exudes swag. I especially love the airport scene where he is head to toe wearing all white, and has this luscious long hair with some crazy side burns. He talks the audience through the process of smuggling drugs and how he stays calm throughout. Another great style moment is Mirtha Jung’s (Penelope Cruz) jean jumpsuit at their wedding. The trailer  will give you a sense of what i’m talking about!

Blow movie white suit

Taken from New Line Cinema 

Apart from the costumes, which may be my favorite part of the film, I found the ending scene very interesting. There’s no question that the film was asking you to pity Jung, but part of me couldn’t completely do this because of how many times Jung went to jail and never really learned from his mistakes. Throughout the film he kept saying that the most important thing to him was his daughter, but he did not seem to understand that kept sacrificing her by going back into drug trafficking. I honestly don’t think I would have liked this movie as much if it weren’t based on a true story because it is just crazy to think that this was actually someone’s life.

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One Response to We All Love A True Story

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I actually have never even heard of this film before but as a Johnny Depp fan, I most definitely want to take the time to watch it. Thank you for suggesting to watch the trailer, it helped me understand the fantastic costume design.

    Katherine Naylor

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