Agent or Not

By: Dez Wortham

This Weekend I stayed home on Saturday night and watched some things on Netflix. I watched a few episodes of the blacklist then watched a movie called The Recruit starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. In the movie Al Pacino is a CIA recruiter and convinces Colin Farrell (Clayton) to join the CIA and come to the CIA camp to see if he would make it as a CIA agent. Al Pacino uses so many twist and turns to get Clayton to crack. But it finds out that Clayton was a way better agent than anyone expected him to be.

the recruit

This film goes into detail about CIA training and how individuals crack and breakdown when times get rough. You get caught up in one character whether it be Farrell or Pacino and see the movie through their lens and in the end depending on how the film ends will determine how you understand everything that happened in the movie. It makes you think what agents were working together. Its all based on perception and in the end the movie comes full circle because Clayton uses the skill that got him recruited to take down his mentor, but does Clayton really use his skill or does he just make it seem that way.

If anyone is interested in mind twisting movies I would recommend you to check it out because it will have you thinking why on so many things that happen throughout the film. Don’t pay any mind to the 43 percent rating on RottenTomatoes the movie is actually pretty good in terms of the story line some of the lighting and angles used aren’t great but I would recommend you to give it a shot.

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