The Hidden Pieces in Get Out

Luke Clellan Dellorso

After seeing Get Out at Aperture tonight, I wanted to see what I had missed.

Film Title: Get Out

Image Courtesy of Variety Peter Debruge

I remembered hearing my classmates mention a number of things that they did not notice the first time that they saw the film and it drove me to see what I missed. I do believe that I was so invested in the storyline and trying to piece everything together, that I missed a number of things. As such, I will present a few of the intriguing facts that I uncovered after having seen Get Out. 

1.Childish Gambino’s Redbone

In an article that I found on CBR.Com, Jordan Peele was quoted saying, “Well, first of all, I love the ‘Stay Woke’ [lyric] — that’s what this movie is about.” I soon began to realize how many warnings were presented in this film. The film was truly telling us “Get Out”, from the very beginning.

2. Michael Abels’ Song Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga

Jordan Peele explained that this song, which is the film’s theme song, presents a number of warnings: “The words are issuing a warning to Chris. The whole idea of the movie is “Get out!”—it’s what we’re screaming at the character on-screen. They go, ‘Brother, brother,’ in English, and then something to the effect of, ‘Watch your back. Something’s coming, and it ain’t good.'”

3. The Number 237 is said over the P.A. System

Jordan Peele is a lifelong fan of The Shining and as such, he made a vast number of references to it as well as other horror films.

Jordan Peele

Image Courtesy of Rich Fury/Invision/AP

After leaving this film, I felt very strange. I felt as though something was wrong and I could not seem to sit still. The film presents an idea that is chilling, especially because it is not set in fantasy, but rather in a world with perverse people. I cannot seem to shake the feeling, even as I am writing this.


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4 Responses to The Hidden Pieces in Get Out

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Fantastic, fresh review! Still haven’t seen this film, and clearly I’m missing out. I love how you include the chilling effect of the film, and examined small details in music, references that added to the meaning.

    -Meg Schmit

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I saw this film this past week and it was definitely a chilling film as well as a criticism against racism in our country. The easter eggs you found really added more insight into this film that I did not know already. Really interesting
    -Jordan Hansgen

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I feel like you can talk so much about this movie. So many things that people are interpreting differently. This was really cool about the music, I am thinking about seeing it again to see what other things i can catch on too.

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I remember sitting in the film and as soon as I heard “Now stay woke!” I laughed because I love that song and it fit so perfectly. I honestly hope everyone I know sees this film.

    – Russell Lawrence

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