Overwhelmed by The Sopranos

By. Caitlin Herlihy

This weekend I attempted to watch The Sopranos. Despite the drama’s cult-like following and awesome soundtrack, I wasn’t able to enjoy it like I do other popular serial dramas, like Lost or Grey’s Anatomy. Last semester, my History of Television class required us to watch an episode of The Sopranos towards the end of the course, so I was familiar with the basic premise of the show prior to watching the pilot episode this morning.

The Sopranos follows a New Jersey mob boss as he navigates issues with his family and career. The pilot episode premiered in 1997, and the series ran for six consecutive seasons. It is considered one of the greatest television series of all times.


However, while I appreciated the unique plot, I didn’t enjoy this show very much. It was too intense and too vulgar for me. I should have expected this from a series about organized crime, but I wasn’t prepared for the foul language used so frequently.

The Sopranos is considered one of the most influential television shows because of its artful effects and mature content. It is credited with popularizing serial dramas. While I wish I could get into it, I think I’m going to stick to Grey’s Anatomy’s love stories or make my way to another early-2000s series.

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2 Responses to Overwhelmed by The Sopranos

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I completely agree. I tried watching this show with my parents in high school, but could never get into it. Maybe I did not give it a fair enough chance, but for me, like you, love stories and innocent drama are much more appealing when I want a low key show to watch.

    –Maddie turner

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I have once or twice considered trying to watch The Sopranos, but I’ve stopped myself each time. For as great as a series can be, I think sometimes it just comes down to our own personal interests—and, like you, I really do not enjoy mob films/shows.


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