America is Bizarre

By: Dez Wortham

This weekend while scrolling through T.V. channels, I came across the Travel Channel where Bizarre Foods America happened to be on. I have watched this show before a few years back and I thought it was interesting but never really gave it any thought. This class has taught me to be more open about more things, the show sparked my interest in a different way than it had a couple of years ago. A bucket list goal of mine is to travel the world and try some of the amazing food these different countries have to offer.

Bizarre_Foods_America_logoThis show has made me realize that while being a young college kid stuck at school, and not being able to travel the world, there is food all over this country that of different cultures that can be explored. Besides personal adventures I think this show is great because it does not discriminate. Bizarre Foods America tries food from every culture, race and ethnicity that are distinct from different eras of America. Not only is the show great with food but it’s also a history lesson every episode. I think this show is a great way to represent many cultures and people that are silenced in our world.

There are other shows presented on the Travel Channel that do not have much diversity, they travel to places with similar food or culture.  One other thing that I think makes this show great is that is very raw, not too much editing, you get exactly was is there. Which in today’s world it’s not often that you see this. If you ever watch the travel channel I would encourage you to watch on a full stomach because the shows based on food will definitely make your mouth water.

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4 Responses to America is Bizarre

  1. mediaphiles says:

    The few times that I have watch this, I have enjoyed it as well! While it is not an amazing show by any means, it is always an enjoyable watch. Like you said, seeing the great food that is actually accessible for college students, is really cool. And the raw, unedited feeling as you said, makes it a refreshing show to watch.

    –Maddie Turner

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I love the travel channel food shows. They show awesome unique things people eat as well as the varying cultures around the world. Sometimes it is amazing to see how cool different cultures are.

    -Jordan Hansgen

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I love shows that teach us something, especially when it’s about food. It’s really neat that they sample foods from every culture and provide a backstory. Unfortunately I don’t have cable, but I would definitely want to watch this show if I did. -Caitlin Herlihy

  4. mediaphiles says:

    Dez! I get so hungry when I watch cooking shows- I remember walking into the room as someone else was watching one and just being angry because my dinner wasn’t going to come anywhere close to the one available there! I really appreciate your comments on how this show delves deeply into the food of different cultures around the U.S. and am very intrigued by the show! Thank you!

    Luke Dellorso

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