RiverRun International Film Festival Spotlight: The Age of Consequences

Luke Clellan Dellorso

I had never given deep thought to the idea that climate change could have such adverse effects on the military and more specifically war landscape, until this film.


Image Courtesy of Indie Wire Writer, Vikram Murthi

The Age of Consequences delves into the issue of climate change, but specifically from a lens of global conflict. The film discusses the ways in which climate change can and has had a great effect on the way that conflict escalates and war in turn precipitates.

I felt that this was a very effective method of addressing the issue of climate change, from a different lens, as it does not strictly suggest that climate change has caused war and conflict, but rather that its effects have made it worse. Once example that was provided was that of ISIS controlling water supplies, as retired Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney was quoted saying that, “You control the water, you control the livelihood of the people.” While the effects of global climate change can create conflict, the film framed it more from the perspective of climate change making conflict worse and being a factor in the creation of conflict. As retired Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney put it, “Climate change is what we call an accelerant to instability.”

As I mentioned earlier, I felt that this framing of the issue was extremely effective, as the discussion of climate change has been shown to be ineffective, when the audience is told that climate change directly caused an event or puts too much blame on the audience. Now, I feel that this is a sad truth, it is a truth none the less. Climate change has to be discussed in a very specific way, or progress cannot be made.


Image Courtesy of PF Pictures

I was also able to speak with one of the two Producers of the film, Kelly Nyks, about the issue and how the film was made, and he did provide a bit of information that was very interesting to hear, both from an environmentalist and film maker’s perspective: You cannot do everything in one film, and as such, a number of topics (such as the human causes of global climate change) had to be reserved for the film series, in which The Age of Consequences is a part of.

I loved this film and I strongly recommend that you see it as well! If you would like to view the theatrical trailer, then here you go!

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3 Responses to RiverRun International Film Festival Spotlight: The Age of Consequences

  1. mediaphiles says:

    The trailer was amazing and I cannot wait to watch this as soon as possible! It is crazy how serious climate change really is, and how efforts to combat it are still not nearly enough. This seems like a great platform to get conversation going again.

    –Maddie Turner

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I did a project on “water wars” and climate change. This is a huge problem that I think many people forget about when discussing climate change. Thanks for sharing!

  3. mediaphiles says:

    This film sounds very interesting! I took a class on climate change last year and it really is shocking how serious of an issue it is. This film sounds like it addresses the issue in a very unique and effective way.

    -Walker Rise

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