Welcome back Dave Chappelle

By: John Armstrong   Comedy legend Dave Chappelle is back, and he wants you to know that he… smokes cigarettes? As promised by the streaming giant alongside the release of a recent trailer, two new hour-long stand-up comedy specials starring the one and only Dave Chappelle have just been released on Netflix. It has been The age of Spin and Deep in the hearts of Texas are the first comedy specials the comedian has released in more than a decade. After abruptly leaving his sketch series Chappelle’s Show in 2005. The question everyone wants to know. Does Dave still have it? If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’re about to find out.

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The only difference between the old Chappelle and the new Chappelle is that fact that this is just two sand up comedies. It does not have the short skits for each joke he presents. Honestly, There are some viewers of these specials who are going to take offense at Chappelle’s politically-incorrect thoughts about society’s current definitions of masculine and feminine, and many probably won’t agree with me about my admiration for his Cosby analysis. But that’s what makes venturesome comedy so exhilarating: You laugh – sometimes at things your conscience says you shouldn’t find funny – but you also have to think through your positions on uncomfortable issues.

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5 Responses to Welcome back Dave Chappelle

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I like that you did an unconventional post on stand-up comedy rather than traditional film or TV. I think it is great when comedians are able to get an audience to personally address tough issues – all while making them laugh. It goes to show that the genre has a serious side to it and perhaps more effectively addresses those issues than upfront discussion.

    -Meg Schmit

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I was a huge fan of the Chappelle show and was so excited to hear about his return. I watched the first of the two stand up specials and it was hilarious. I can’t wait to check out the second one.

    -Walker Rise

  3. mediaphiles says:

    The Chappelle show and the stand ups are a great way to knock some of the tension out of serious issues happening in the world. The one thing i like about him is that he makes fun of people of all genders and races he is not biased, although at times he does go a little to far. I think his show helps break down racial barriers by using comedy. Safe to say I am glad that he has made a comeback.

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I also was excited to hear about Dave Chappelle’s return. I have yet to see his new stuff, but I have seen him appear in other mediums. I am very interested to see how his old stuff and his new stuff compare.

    -Shelby Halliman

  5. mediaphiles says:

    At first I couldn’t believe that Dave Chappelle was finally returning to stand-up, but it seems that his return is hilarious and controversial, which is exactly what a great comedian should do. He’s incredible and I can’t wait to watch his specials.


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