Islands and the Whales: A Case Study

By Jordan Hansgen

The second film I was able to see at the Riverrun Film Festival was the Islands and the Whales which took a detailed and troubled look into the culture of the Faroe Islands and how they are reluctant to change their ways in hunting whales and seabirds.


The people there are proud of their culture and continue to hunt whales despite doctors saying it’s bad for their health due to mercury increases in the ocean and despite environmentalists especially Sea Sheperds (aka the stars of Discovery Channel’s Whale Wars) challenging them.

Their reluctance to change, as the documentary points out well, shows the bigger problem of how all people are reluctant to change and adapt.  The mercury levels rise due to industrialization and if the isolated Faroese people are getting affected, one can only imagine the effects the changes are having on America or other industrialized nations.

The documentary did well at taking the case study of the Faroe Islands and calling for change in how we treat the environment around the world.

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2 Responses to Islands and the Whales: A Case Study

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I decided to watch the trailer and this seems like an amazing documentary. As you said, it’s calling for a change in the environment but, what I love, is that it is doing so without lecturing the audience.

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I think a documentary film really hits the jackpot when it’s so focused on a particular group/place/event but, ultimately makes a more significant statement about a larger issue that affects us all. It sounds like this movie did just that!

    – Lydia

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