Prison Break Returns


Max Lissette


One of my favorite shows of all time was Prison Break. A couple years ago, I binge-watched it on Netflix, and I ended up staying up until 2-3am every single night watching it because I just couldn’t stop. As crazy as the plot got at some points, I was able to maintain interest mostly because of how much I liked some of the characters, especially Michael Schofield–the main character. Over the last several months, I hadn’t even heard the shows name be mentioned by anyone, let alone seen any commercials signaling its impending return to television, and so when all of a sudden the other day I saw on twitter that Prison Break was trending because the premiere of a new season was on, I was shocked and elated.

The last season several years ago had ended with Michael Schofield dying, and so I was unsure how the show could come back onto television such a long time after its last season without the former main character in the mix. Just 10-15 minutes into the first episode of this season, my question was answered: they wouldn’t come back without him–he was alive. While this twist is just another unrealistic and crazy plot turn in a series full of them, I couldn’t complain about one of my favorite television characters of all time making a return.

The new season has Michael Schofield in a prison in Yemen where he is going by a different name, and is being accused of killing a high-ranking CIA-member, and working with the terrorist group ISIL. At this point two episodes in, we don’t know if Michael has really committed these crimes, what has happened over the past several years of his life, or whether he will get out of this new prison (now the 3rd or 4th he’s been placed into throughout the series I believe). As crazy as the plot of this new season may seem, Its actually really awesome and exciting and I cannot wait to see what happens.


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2 Responses to Prison Break Returns

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love the original Prison Break, especially the first two seasons. Prison Break shares a special reputation in China, because it is one of the very first American TV shows that ever came to China, and it made people go like “Wooooow!” However, I am not super excited for the renewed season, because I doubt they’ll make anything new with the same set of cast and plot convention. But according to your description, I might well give it a try. Thank you for your recommendation!
    -Kevin Yu

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I am obsessed with this show and cannot wait for the return! At times the show may go a but too far but it is all in good fun. I loved the cast and felt that the story was continuing to evolve which I appreciate. I can’t wait to see what comes next for Michael and the others!

    –Maddie Turner

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