Why New York Will Always be the Best Star of Reality TV 

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.34.30 PM.pngStill from Flavor of Love, “InterroGitted”, (Season 1, Episode 6, 2006.) 


While the list of celebrities who rose to fame from reality television is now very high, the best star from reality television will always be New York, who is best known for her appearance on the show Flavor of Love. Perhaps the reason that New York is so memorable is due to her to her frequent crazy antics, her feistiness, and for always speaking her mind. New York was the most interesting contestant on Flavor of Love by far, and was even more enjoyable to watch than the star of the show, Flavor Flav.

A clear departure from the innocent days of when people found amusement in sitcoms like the Andy Griffith Show, Flavor of Love is in many ways, the epitome of why many people criticize reality television. The show used the format of the Bachelor, yet unlike the Bachelor or Bachelorette, which have a new bachelor or bachelorette every season, Flavor of Love had three seasons, all which Flavor Flav was the bachelor, meaning, *spoiler alert* Flav and the winners of the first two seasons (and unsurprisingly the third) don’t stay together. Although the show is a very far step away from television with any class or moral standards, the episodes with New York are worth watching.

Because she was a fan favorite, New York appeared on two seasons of Flavor of Love, then VH1 gave her several of her own shows, including I Love New York, New York Goes to Work, and New York Goes to Hollywood. Reality television stars that would become famous for starting drama, such as Corinne from the Bachelor, or Chad from the Bachelorette are now staples of the reality television genre, but when Flavor of Love ran, New York was really the first character to do this.

Highlights from New York’s appearance on Flavor of Love include: laughing at her competitor Hottie, who tells her New York she is jealous of her because she looks like Beyonce, using her self proclaimed nickname “HBIC” (head bitch in charge), and perhaps most famously, when Pumpkin (her rival on the show) was eliminated and drama ensued, as Pumpkin and New York got into a huge fight.

To me, New York will always be the best star of reality television, and she was not only hilarious, but I also respect her in many ways. She is not afraid to speak her mind, call others out, or stand up for herself. People often praise (and criticize) the Kardashians for being business women and becoming successful and famous from no talent, but New York did this years before them, in a time where it wasn’t possible to use social media to publicize yourself. While I’m unsure of what is next for New York, I can’t wait to see what the star does next and I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

-Delaney Broderick

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12 Responses to  Why New York Will Always be the Best Star of Reality TV 

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I too have always loved watching New York on whatever shows she has been on. She was recently on Celebrity Big Brother I believe, and while I did not watch the entirety of the show, I would go on youtube and watch highlights of her. Some may see her as a bad influence, but I see the opposite. She has always been unabashedly herself and never is afraid to say what is on her mind. I think fans of hers can gain a lot of courage about being themselves from watching her.
    -Tommy O’Haren

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I think your point about New York being a kind of model/inspiration for later reality television stars is great, especially when you think of someone like Corinne from the Bachelor. It is so interesting how tv shows have evolved with the expansion of social media – “reality” television has become an entirely different entity, and more and more of these outrageous characters are launching careers based on their appearances in these shows. I do wonder what the next step could possibly be for reality tv since I imagine people will eventually get bored of the overtly staged drama. And, considering recent scandals, perhaps viewers will begin to question the morality of these programs in the first place. Great read, and I loved how you attached links!

    -Alyssa McAuliffe

  3. mediaphiles says:

    This blog is very interesting to me, in the way that New York was described as more of an entrepreneur (even though not explicitly stated). She grinded her way up, put herself out there to make that bread. She knew how to be noticed and used her ‘outrageous nature’ as a spring board. I do still believe that her representation, and the show in general is harmful, perpetuating stereotypes of Black people. She was indeed a pioneer into this dark abyss of terrible reality tv we have today. Spin off on spin off on spin off. Jordan Stackhouse

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I agree that New York should be praised rather than criticized, for the most part. I can also see how she could be considered a role model and I think you explained that well. People don’t go on shows like Flavor of Love or the Bachelor to actually find love… so New York shouldn’t be bashed for creating an empire and getting her own from the reality tv experiences. While I wouldn’t exactly want my future daughter to model her behavior, her entrepreneurial spirit and self-confidence is admirable.

    Kylie Long

  5. mediaphiles says:

    I think this post is funny and interesting because of the rising popularity of reality TV. I don’t personally know much about New York, but the point of your post hits home with me because of the bachelor. I have been a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan for years and I feel like social media is totally warping the show. Originally, we had hilarious characters coming on the show, who were quirky and weird and typically actually did believe in the premise of the show. Now, anyone who wants to make a couple hundred thousand bucks selling fit-tea on Instagram will go on the show and just try to make it as far as they can. I think the funny characters on the show now are all fake and contrived, whereas before, they truly felt like actual people. It’s interesting to see how social media has changed reality tv entirely and I think this is a good example!

    Adrienne Henderson

  6. mediaphiles says:

    This blog brought me quite a bit of nostalgia when reading it. Flavor of Love and I Love New York were two of my earliest experiences with reality TV. I remember switching the channel anytime my mom walked into the room because she thought it was too inappropriate for me. I agree with your point that New York was hands down the most entertaining and influential reality dating star in our time. The show brought an edge to TV that shows like the Bachelor whitewash over to appeal to audiences. This was a groundbreaking show because its main demographic was African Americans which other reality shows do not necessarily target. New York was high drama and will forever be remembered as a hero in the reality television realm.
    -Will Zurier

  7. mediaphiles says:

    Even though it was a small point, I especially liked your comparison of New York to the Kardashians. I think that they are similar in that these women are all seen as strong and assertive, but because of this, they can come across as aggressive, dramatic, or “bitchy.” This is interesting to me because I do not think they would be perceived this way if they were men; rather, they would be seen as especially masculine and possibly even heroic. When women act this way, they stand out and people sometimes model their behavior. There are some aspects of New York’s personality that should be a part of everyone’s character, such as her ability to stand up for herself, but there are others that can make her seem childish. It is finding the right balance that is the key, which is possibly why New York’s personality is so intriguing: we are constantly trying to figure out if what she is saying or doing is just right or is a step too far.

    Alex Buter

  8. mediaphiles says:

    This was a very interesting post to read! I didn’t know much about New York except for her appearance on Flavor of Love, and her own show I Love New York. With that being said, I think that you bring up a great point about how she is one of the most fearless reality TV stars as she really does not hold back. As Alyssa mentioned in her comment, it reminds me of Corrine from the Bachelor. However I do think that New York has made more of an empire around herself, rising from her success starting on Flavor of Love. Interesting points, great post!

    -Kat Huber

  9. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve never seen Flavor of Love, but your post makes me want to watch. Something I find interesting about today’s reality shows, like the Bachelor, is the way in which the contestants use their “fame” to profit. Before social media “influencers,” as you mention, reality stars had a difficult time monetizing their brand. They could do interviews in gossip magazines, represent a brand or potentially launch their own spin off if lucky. Now, being a contestant on a popular reality TV show often leads to instant and substantial revenue through social media. With over 1 million followers, most of these contestants can and have built personal brands that bring in six figures every year.

    Griff O’Brien

  10. marymdalton says:

    Move the photo down to follow the first paragraph (to balance the page) and see if you can break some of those paragraphs into shorter segments to make the post easier to read.

  11. mediaphiles says:

    The point at the end of your blog about the Kardashian’s is so spot on, New York is iconic and has been so for years before the people see now. What I love is how she has never stopped either; aside from Favor of Love, which I found hilarious when younger, I have not followed her as much after, however, whenever I see that she will be on a show I immediately know it is going to be entertaining with drama and humor. I really enjoy your point about how she faces both criticism and praise. In my mind yes you can criticize maybe the way she carries herself in situations, however, she does not care, which is why I praise her. She is a woman who had an opportunity and never turned back from there. No matter what someone said to her, they better have been ready for what was coming to them for their action or comment. New York is empowering in my eyes for woman in many ways, even if you do not consider her to be the classiest or the stereotypical woman in society. This is because she speaks her mind, never lets someone boss her around, and basically does not stand for anyone else’s drama or nonsense. She has transcended reality television throughout the years and with the increase presence of social media she has only thrived. I too do not know what is next for her, but this post brought back great memories and now want to see what she has been up to, and look for what is coming next. Forget the Kardashian’s, New York is number one.

    – Anthony Duran

  12. mediaphiles says:

    I think reality shows are so interesting. Definitely worlds away from sitcoms, but they also speak another truth about real life that sometimes sitcoms don’t. New York seems awesome and a good representation of a strong, independent women despite being on a reality show about love. Regardless, I think these shows are successful because of characters of New York and the realness but also ridiculousness of these shows.

    -Maia Scacchi

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