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  Joel and Ethan Coen’s Fargo takes a humorous, dark twist on the crime movie. The film is set in Minnesota where Jerry, a car salesman, hires two thugs Carl and Gaear (Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare) to kidnap his wife … Continue reading

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“Diversity Wins” at the SAG Awards

  Despite the overwhelming controversy the Academy Awards have received for their non-diverse selection of nominees, many of the deserving actors who had been snubbed received recognition last night in the SAG Awards. The SAG Awards were praised in 2015 as … Continue reading

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Avatar vs. District 9 — Alex Dudley

Last week in our Science Fiction class, we had to watch Avatar and District 9.  I always compare these two movies because they a) came out around the same time and b) deal with human-alien interactions.  I love District 9; … Continue reading

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A new kind of Rom-Com? — Alex Dudley

Often, I will go on IMDb to check out the latest trailers.  This past week, I found two romantic comedies that caught my eye: Trainwreck and Man Up.  Trainwreck is an American comedy starring comedians Amy Schumer and Bill Hader; … Continue reading

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In love with Shakespeare in Love — Alex Dudley

This week’s prompt is to write about whichever film we like to watch when down or feeling sick. For me, that film is Shakespeare in Love.  As a film, theatre, and history nerd, the film appeals to me on multiple levels.  In … Continue reading

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Psycho Review & The Fate of Hitchcock’s Female Characters — Zachary Sanfilippo

One of the things I did during Spring Break was get caught up on some movies. These included Birdman, Nightcrawler, Lost in Translation, and even The Quiet Man – which had been collecting dust on my Netflix cue for a … Continue reading

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The Terminator Review

By Tommy Super Directed by James Cameron in 1984, The Terminator stands as a classic dystopian man against machine science fiction film with strong characters who express the paranoia in the consciousness of 1980s America. As such, The Terminator effectively … Continue reading

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