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Psycho Review & The Fate of Hitchcock’s Female Characters — Zachary Sanfilippo

One of the things I did during Spring Break was get caught up on some movies. These included Birdman, Nightcrawler, Lost in Translation, and even The Quiet Man – which had been collecting dust on my Netflix cue for a … Continue reading

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Course related themes in ‘Enemy’

Okay, perhaps a semester spent watching Hitchock’s films has influenced my proclivity for suspense films and psychological thrillers.  But if the conclusion of this semester has you feeling nostalgic and you’re looking for a movie to fill that fresh Hitchockian void … Continue reading

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Father Figures and Hitchcock

Adapted from my second weekly essay for Gender & Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock makes no secret of his views on motherhood. The mothers of Hitchcock’s films, from Notorious to Psycho, are portrayed as possessive and overbearing to the point of harming … Continue reading

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Gassy Grace Kelly

As we move into the week where we’re watching and discussing Rear Window, I’ve always found this SNL sketch mildly amusing (although it does raise the question – are fart jokes really the lowest form of humor?).

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Links to Two Posts on Hitchcock

Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock consulted on an unfinished documentary about the Holocaust 70 years ago?  Now there’s a new film about the previously forgotten film.  Read about it here. For a more commercial read, here’s an interesting post … Continue reading

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Vintage Interview with Alfred Hitchcock

Interested in Hitchcock’s work?  You’ll enjoy this interview very much.

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Fun With Hitchcock

Clearly, the eyes have it.  Check out this nifty video — a montage playing with Hitchcock’s depiction of eyes!

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