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Cartoon Network Groovies — Rachel Cox

As some of you might have figured out from these posts, I really like animation. I have ever since I was kid, and I never really stopped liking it, save for a period in middle school where I felt like … Continue reading

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Tex Avery and Red- Rachel Cox

Last class, we watched a Tex Avery short, titled “Swing Shift Cinderella.” The woman in the short, commonly referred to as “Red,” was actually a recurring character in Tex’s shorts. In total, she was featured prominently in six shorts. For … Continue reading

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Crimson Studios and My (Jane Alexander) Little Brother

Hello! I’ve been thinking awhile now¬†of a way to get my little brother, Tommy, some You-Tube views and when Professor Dalton mentioned that our three blog posts could be about anything relating to media I figured this was my chance!

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