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Friends don’t lie, Go watch ‘Stranger Things’

  By: Kendra Thornton I had heard nothing but high praise for the hot new Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, but for a while I didn’t take the bait because I am usually not into sci-fi films. I finally decided to … Continue reading

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That’s What She Said

One of my favorite sitcoms is The Office. Whether I am doing homework (and need some type of background noise) or in the mood to watch something funny and entertaining The Office always fits the bill. What truly intrigues me … Continue reading

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Shameless: The Drama of Softcore Porn

BY REECE GUIDA Running since 2010, Showtime’s popular comedy-drama Shameless (2010-2016) has been added to Netflix, met with popular reception by my friends who live vicariously through it on weekends while in a stupor on a smelly sofa — myself, admittedly, included… … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy Don’t You?!?!?

I was starting to get a little down with a lot of the content I was seeing in my communications course that I’m taking. A lot of the content was really contrary to what I believe in many things are very … Continue reading

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“Diversity Wins” at the SAG Awards

  Despite the overwhelming controversy the Academy Awards have received for their non-diverse selection of nominees, many of the deserving actors who had been snubbed received recognition last night in the SAG Awards. The SAG Awards were praised in 2015 as … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones: Storylines Converge and Sansa Grows — Alex Dudley

Game of Thrones is heating up, guys… Although I wrote about Game of Thrones last week, Madeline requested that I do it again, so I will! [Warning: SPOILERS]

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GoT Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Game of Decisions — Alex Dudley

Last week I hesitated to write about Game of Thrones on this blog because I thought everybody else would write about it.  I was shocked to find that no one did.  So, this week I am turning my focus to … Continue reading

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