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Being a Celebrity won’t get you a television role anymore

In the history of television, shows have been created due to the casting of a famous star, such as Reba, The Cosby Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and countless others. However, this is no longer the case for television … Continue reading

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Psych and the Sitcom

If you want a family-friendly series with incredible chemistry between its characters, witty banter, pineapples in every episode, and childish crime-solving between two best friends, do yourself a favor and watch Psych. Psych features Shawn Spencer, a crime consultant for … Continue reading

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The Cosby Show: Guilty by association?

  The Cosby Show is a family sitcom that has been around since the 1980s. The show has had much success in being a pioneer for black sitcoms that would follow such as: The Fresh Prince, A Different World, and … Continue reading

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A New New Girl

  I remember when first watching the commercials for New Girl, I was immediately drawn to the hilarious premise of an outgoing girl living with three men. I remember that in these commercials, the guys— Nick, Schmidt, and Coach (later … Continue reading

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‘Highlighting’ Stereotypes: How “Julia” Solidified and Destroyed Racial Perceptions in the ‘60’s

1960 was undoubtedly one of the most tumultuous decades in American history. Progress on hot-button issues such as racial equality and environmental justice were at the forefront of the American agenda. Although Americans were deeply divided on some of these … Continue reading

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A Look on the Sunny Side

Family can come in all shapes and sizes and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia showcases this idea in the most extreme way possible as it follows the adventures and mishaps of “The Gang” consisting of Mac, a sexually confused and … Continue reading

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20 Years Later: A Look Back at Ellen’s Coming Out

In this course, we have been shown repeatedly how sitcoms have a multi-faceted relationship with the culture of the time that they were produced in. It is easy for us to look back on popular television shows of the 1950s … Continue reading

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