Hollywood As We Know it: Origins

by Russell Lawrence

How did we get to the over-saturated film market of today? It seems like every day you see a trailer for a new movie. More often than not, those trailers are all rotten too. F8 comes to mind (how the hell are there 8 Fast and Furious movies?) immediately, especially since I saw a Buzzfeed article the other day written by one of their writers who happily said she gave the series a chance and that it changed her life.



The official Fast & Furious 8 poster.

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This is a great show!

By: Shelby Halliman

Since we are talking about sitcoms this week, I thought I would suggest one to anyone who is interested in a new addiction…

Official Poster of BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is absolutely amazing! This Netflix original is an illustrious social commentary that address different situations such as fame, love, depression, and a lot more. It does not sugarcoat these types of sensitive topics. Instead, BoJack Horseman exposes the truth behind it all in a very funny and unique way. There are not always happy endings, which makes it realistic. Furthermore, the audience is able to see progression and regression of the show’s main protagonist. Not always will BoJack learn his lesson and that’s okay because he is human. Well, not exactly…


The article above explains a little bit about the creator’s process behind creating BoJack Horseman. It is quite an interesting article because the creator,  Raphael Bob-Waksberg, answers as if he does not know which direction BoJack will go either. This highlights Bojack’s complexities because he is still a work in progress. The creator does not cater to those who disagree with his methods. He actually tries to understand the show’s faults and acknowledges that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but, for those who do stick around, he is appreciative and admits that he is still trying to figure out BoJack as well. Here is a trailer, if and only if, this post has peaked your interest:

It is a strange trailer right? I know. Animal-people running around dealing with everyday social problems can be shocking to some people, but that is honestly what makes the show unique. This show makes you question everything and challenge yourself. It is a dark comedy that sheds light on the issues of society. Instead of glorifying sensitive subjects, the show tells its audience that an unrealistically happy ending of a thirty minute episode is unacceptable and is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Pret-tay, Pret-tay Good

By Lydia Geisel

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.40.10 PM

I’ve never felt more uncomfortable and more understood than when I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is as brilliant as he his bald.

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Shows Mark Seasons of Our Lives

By Caitlin Herlihy

Okay, the title sounded more dramatic than I meant for it to. What I mean is, isn’t it funny how we associate different phases of our lives with whatever show we were binge watching at the time? Or is that just me?

There are times in my life when I don’t watch any television at all, but then just a few months later I’m glued to the TV. For example, this semester I’ve conquered nine- yes, nine!- seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. That is a lot of television watching for a girl like me. Last spring, however, I wasn’t watching anything other than what was required by class.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.16.27 PM.png

Jane the Virgin, Season 1, Episode 1 “The Pilot”

But certain events or phases are marked by different shows I was watching during that phase. For example, last summer I lived in Charleston and watched New Girl every chance I got. Last semester I was studying for the LSAT and watched Jane the Virgin between practice tests. I remember the summer before last, I watched Parks and Recreation after work every single afternoon.

I wonder what draws us to certain television shows at certain times during our lives. Do you associate a time in your life with certain shows? I’ll always remember my senior spring semester as the time I obsessed over Grey’s Anatomy.

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Why Are So Many Good Comedies Ruined by Sequels?

By: Maddie Turner

It takes a lot for me to admit that I really enjoyed a comedy movie.  Many have good premises but often fall short of being truly funny.  I recently watched the film, Dirty Grandpa, to see if it lived up to all of the hype but was pretty let down.  It seemed like it would be good, especially with a cast including Zac Efron, Robert de Niro, and Aubrey Plaza, and an absurd premise–de Nero’s wife passes away and he decides to rage in Miami.  In the end, parts of it were awkward and some of the jokes fell flat.


Furthermore what I really want to focus on is that when a first movie in a series is successful, more often than not, the sequel is not as good.  Take Horrible Bosses for example; Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and more are all in their prime for this film.  The jokes are original and I was constantly entertained.  I was extremely excited for the second to be released but was disappointed to see that the cast was put to waste, as Rotten Tomatoes shows here.  They resued the story line pretty much and repeated the jokes that worked the first time, but the second time they were not executed nearly as well.  I was sad to see such a great film go to waste.

Image result for horrible bosses

From the article at movie web

Maybe the film struggled because of the loss of the first director, Seth Gordon, or maybe it is simply due to the difficulty of making a second film as good as or even better than the first.

Similarly, while many argue that Wayne’s World is a bad film (I personally love the childish, dumb but original humor of it), the sequel was terrible.  I just wish that one time, instead of using the same jokes and story line, that a comedy could continue on rather than losing its charm.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

By Walker Rise

Over the weekend I saw the original A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). The film is a definitely considered a classic in the horror genre. Wes Craven wrote and directed this incredibly original slasher film, which has since had seven sequels, a spinoff, and even a remake. I am not normally a big fan of horror films, but I did really enjoy this film. This film is by no means great, but is quite entertaining and scary. There are certainly ridiculous moments and the writing and acting are pretty bad at times, but its a fun watch.

The film is about a group of teenagers who begin having similar nightmares. In their nightmares they are in a creepy boiler room and are being chased by a man with a burned face and a glove with knives on the fingers. Then one night one of the teenagers actually dies after being attacked in the nightmare. They discover that the man was a real person named Freddy Krueger. The rest of the film follows the teenagers as they struggle to stay awake in order to stay alive and try to convince the adults of the town that Freddy really is hunting them through their dreams. This concept is quite scary because most associate sleep with peacefulness, and this film makes it the opposite. Today Freddy Krueger is probably considered one of the most iconic and terrifying horror movie villains of all time.



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Looking forward to DETROIT by Kathryn Bigelow


Poster for Detroit, (2017.)

By Kevin Yu

Scheduled for a release on August 4 this year, Detroit is Kathryn Bigelow’s latest feature film. I actually does not know her very well. I have only seen two of her movies, The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, but these two instantly became two of my all time favorites. So when I heard there is going to be a new one this year, I follow all the information I can.

On the left hand side is a poster, and here is the trailer.

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