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A Myth about Virginity (retold by ABC’s The Bachelor)

There is a myth about virginity.  Actually there are several of myths about virginity, but this particular myth was brought to my attention as I was watching ABC’s The Bachelor. I have thought about this certain topic several times before … Continue reading

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Law Abiding Citizen: Questioning of the Justice System- Katherine Roberts

I recently watched a movie, which I can now say with confidence is included in my list of top ten favorite movies. When I am trying to relax, my usual go-to movie is embarrassingly enough… a romantic comedy. But for … Continue reading

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Imperfection- Paul Martin

I recently saw the film “The Theory of Everything,” which recounts the poignant life of Dr. Stephen Hawking. The events of his life take the viewer on a visceral emotional roller-coaster, that while expected in a biopic, is no less … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Man

By Tommy Super I’m in another media communication class – Special Topics (Science Fiction, Film, and the Human Condition) with Professor Piercy. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a science fiction buff, but the first movie we watched in this class, … Continue reading

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What is Art?: Some Thoughts and General Musings – Rachel Cox

I’m trying to keep my entries here diverse, not getting stuck on any one topic or medium, just to keep it interesting. That said, I will be breaking from what is generally my form here in that I’m not going … Continue reading

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Please, spend your money on a movie ticket. – Hannah Duane

In my first Intro to Film class, I remember Professor Woody Hood reviewing with us how to properly watch a movie—with popcorn and without distractions—as we would be assigned a film to watch on our own each week. Our class … Continue reading

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Stanley Kubrick Sheds Light on Class Stratification

Reece Guida As a man of 170-plus IQ, it is hard to typify the essence of Stanley Kubrick’s films. By merely considering this period of time in which he produced movies, the viewer is subject to a plethora of social … Continue reading

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