YouTube’s Power in a Generation of Young Artists

I often ask myself the question, “what is it about YouTube that makes it so special?”

Luke Clellan Dellorso

YouTube is filled with characteristics that are unique to this medium. To name one, never before has there been an outlet, through which artists

can receive such immediate feedback on their work. Now, I do not claim this thought as original, as it first came to me through one of Casey Neistat’s Vlogs, but I just find it to be so refreshingly true! While speaking towards the difference between cinema production and YouTube production, Casey once mentioned that he truly values the fact that the creation of a YouTube film, short, or sketch can be done at such a rapid pace and that feedback is so immediate. Now, YouTube has begun to create their own original feature length films, but I am referring to the millions of creators who utilize YouTube as a way to share their work.


While having dinner with my father recently, I stumbled upon this conversation again and something presented itself to me: without YouTube, I am not certain that I would have found my passion. At 21 years of age, I do not know how many outlets I would have had to present my work to industry heads, but with YouTube in my arsenal, the possibilities are endless. The second that I press the mystical “Publish” button, my work is sent out all over the globe (and who knows, maybe a few Aliens have seen my work as well), and I receive immediate feedback- if someone likes my work, they watch it; if they don’t, they don’t. It is as simple as that! While it is a humbling process, it is genuine. There is not the process of meeting with someone to see if they will show my work- instead, I am my own producer and with the click of a button, I have the ability to submit my work to the world!

To reference an article that I recently found, “We’ve never seen that before — where so much choice is in the hands of the creator.” I could not agree more! The power that creators have is endless and while it is still extremely valuable, the question of “who do you know?”, no longer plays as vital of a role. Instead, the question now becomes, “what can you do?” and it is exactly that question that inspires me and my channel! You should check it out and remember, the limit is as far as you’ll go to get what you want!

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One Response to YouTube’s Power in a Generation of Young Artists

  1. mediaphiles says:

    You make a really fascinating point that I think ties so well into our Week 1 discussion about film and democratization. The presence of Youtube, of course, has taken this to a whole new level, and quite clearly (as you’ve noted) changed not only the way people watch but, how filmmakers get noticed in the industry.

    – Lydia Geisel

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